Star Wars - Battlefront II not working with Xlink

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I have Battlefront II and was playing a bit on Xlink. A friend of mine also had it, but he could never get it to connect (can't see any games) with Xlink (although he can connect and play Halo 2 fine).
I downloaded the new maps, etc. from XBL and the next time I tried to play Battlefront II on Xlink, I was unable to connect (can't see any games). For the record, my friend (who could never connect with Battlefront II), did not have the updates. What I want to know - are there known issues with people not being able to connect via Xlink with Battlefront II? Is there a known issue with the Battlefront II downloadable content somehow blocking Xlink? If so, is there a work-around to get it to work again?

Please help.

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