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п»їYoga exercises to breathe better |

Breathe better to take care of our health and improve our emotional well-being by putting into practice some simple yoga exercises.
by Isabel RodrГ­guez, il
February 15, 2016
We do not pay due attention, perhaps because we do not know that breathing badly puts our health at risk, since for example we force our heart to work harder. Oxygen is vital for body cells. Breathing well, among other benefits, improves our concentration, reduces the risks of contractures and activates the physiological mechanisms that help prevent contamination of viruses and bacteria. In other words, it reduces the risks of infection. How to breathe better? Yoga is an excellent ally to improve our physical well-being and mint by controlling our breathing. Take a few minutes a day to put these simple exercises into practice.
1. Exercise to detoxify
We stand up, with our backs straight and our heads up. We breathe through our nose until we fill the lungs completely, gently, and then expel the air in bursts, similar to when we blow out a candle. It helps curb anxiety and revitalize the mind.
2. Exercise to purify
We stand up, with our backs straight, we breathe as much as we are able to fill the lungs, and then we expel the air at the same time invested to inhale it. Before finishing the expulsion, contract the abdominals. This simple exercise helps clean the lungs.
3. Complete breathing exercise
This exercise can be done sitting or standing. We inhale through the nose slowly, noticing how the air reaches the stomach and sides. Then, we expel at the same pace and without forcing. An exercise that helps relax, regulates cardiac activity and improves concentration and attention.

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