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Mycoplasma genitalium, an unknown sexually transmitted disease
Sexually transmitted diseases are the order of the day and it seems that people do not realize the importance and danger involved in contracting a sexually transmitted disease. People do not finish internalizing that the ETs can be contagious in a very simple way and that, in many occasions, you do not even know what is happening to you. Therefore, it is essential to know the diseases in a correct way and put the appropriate measures.
Recently there has been some information about a possible and new sexually transmitted disease that could become a superbug. It is called 'mycoplasma genitalium' and experts are already warning of the danger that this may entail. The BBC has been in charge of launching this news about an ets hitherto unknown and that can cause many health problems.
This ETS could become a 'superbug'
The truth is that this sexually transmitted disease dates back to the 80s but has not been until our days when they have started to investigate more in depth about this ets and have come to the conclusion that we must be very aware of it and alert on the correct use of protection methods.
This is the ets The 'mycoplasma genitalium' is a bacterium that usually does not present any type of symptom but can be extremely dangerous in both men and women. As has already been mentioned, it does not usually present symptoms, so it is essential to take note of any symptoms that we have, however small, to try to remedy them. If this bacterium is not treated in the right way it can become very dangerous.
What can cause the 'mycoplasma genitalium' is the antibiotic resistance, something tremendously complicated to solve. The British Association of Sexual Health and HIV has warned that this disease can be confused with other types of sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia. Therefore, the most important in this case is the prevention to avoid having to deal with other aspects that may harm our health. Little by little new sexually transmitted diseases are emerging against which they have to be fought and thus prevent them from spreading further.
Check with your doctor to see if you have the disease and how to cope
Possible problems The 'mycoplasma genitalium' can cause serious health problems in both men and women, so it is not a sexually transmitted disease affecting one or the other sex. This ets can leave a woman infertile, but before reaching that end you can feel many other ailments. Women can suffer vaginal bleeding, fever and pain, as well as inflammation of the pelvic floor.
If in women it is already a very complicated and annoying disease, in men it is not left behind either. Men can swell the urethra and cause pain when urinating, something tremendously painful and unpleasant. In addition, they can also produce the secretion of the penis. For the time being, these are the adverse effects that can be had when contracting this disease, but it is not an ets too studied.
How to prevent mycoplasma genitalium The basic way to fight against sexually transmitted diseases is the use of condoms. In this, as with those previously known, the use of condoms is essential considering that it is unknown if the person with whom they are going to have sexual relations has contracted some ets previously. As for the 'mycoplasma genitalium', something very similar happens so the use of condoms would be fundamental when dealing with this practically unknown disease. Since the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV cited above, they are trying to make the prevention absolute.
How is mycoplasma genitalium cured? If prevention is fundamental, needless to say, of cure. The simple fact of using a condom can be vital for many people but, unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the dangers of having sex without barrier means. Unwanted pregnancies are the most common, but sexually transmitted diseases are also. Now this new branch of ets has arisen for which prevention is fundamental because of its scant studies, but for which some medications are already emerging with which to treat it.
Prevention is essential: do not forget the condoms
According to the BBC have reported the treatment being carried out in patients who have been infected with this disease consists of a cycle of a family of antibiotics called macrolides. This could be the final solution to fight against this ets, but the truth is that doctors are already warning that the bacteria, which could become 'superbug', develops resistance to some of the drugs with which it is intended to kill. This is a big problem because it would imply that there is no clear cure on this ets. Therefore, the use of barrier means with which to avoid sexually transmitted diseases is very important.

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