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What is the cruising?
Knowing the place and being accompanied are some precautions
Cruising refers to a type of sexual practice that consists in having sexual relations with strangers in a public place or in the open air. There are several terms to refer to this way of looking for a sexual partner, specifically the cruising is the one used in homosexual people, and between heterosexuals it is called dogging. In Spain, the term "cancaneo" has been cradled.
Among heterosexual people the intention is more aimed at bringing together several practices such as exhibitionism and voyeurism, since other people are allowed to watch, and sometimes they are even allowed to participate. However, in homosexuals, especially men, it has spread more as a way of looking for sex in a discreet and anonymous way, in the beginning it was carried out in those places, for example bars, where there were also heterosexual people.
= The reason, the curiosity of being discovered
Since when it was practiced Cruising and its other variants began to popularize in the era of the sexual revolution of the seventies. It was precisely in that decade when it was called cruising, it is believed that it is due to a gay bar in Albuquerque (New Mexico) called Booze n 'Cruise. It was extended because it has the meaning of walking through, patrolling ... and it was a discrete term to use among members of the community there is discreet.
However, the cruising was already practiced centuries ago, in Ancient Rome, there are historical records that narrated that in public bathrooms there were men who used gestural codes to indicate that they were willing to have sex. There are also 18th century writings that refer to similar practices. As we see, in sex many customs that go beyond the conventional were already invented centuries ago.
How cruising is practiced Classically, cruising was practiced in a fortuitous way, by using a kind of codes to show other people who wanted to practice sex, and it was done in places like a public bath, rest areas, parking lots, etc. Also spread the knowledge that there were certain areas where people gathered for cruising practices, and other men came to loiter.
Currently it is much easier thanks to the internet, because there are many online communities and forums where both men and women participate to organize stays in places where they can not be discovered. Usually go to public places, especially outdoor, such as forests, beaches, parks, etc, always secluded places where there are other people. You can also arrange meetings in homes or premises, not always outdoors is the desired option.
It is common that cruising is practiced inside a car, giving a plus of comfort and discretion to the experience. However, wherever it may be, cruising has some rules, to indicate if other people are allowed to watch or participate in the sexual relationship. So, you do not have to limit yourself to two people, but you can spontaneously join others and carry out an orgy, or simply practice it with two people and others watch. Both in homosexuals (cruising) and in heterosexuals (dogging), it can begin as a practice between formal couples who want to live together a new experience, and men and women can join to participate.
Taking precaution against the risk of diseases should be a mandatory rule
Benefits and risks of cruising Cruising is not a sexual practice better or worse than others. Like all kinds of experiences in sex, they depend on the tastes and preferences of the men and women who practice it. The benefits it brings to interested people is that it allows them to live new experiences, especially those who find the risk of being discovered pleasurable, or simply allow others to look at them. It can also be combined with other practices, such as "swinging" or exchange of partners. It is very attractive for its practitioners because it is a fast and guaranteed way to have sex, and there is no type of commitment among its participants. What you always have to keep in mind is that you have to respect the rest of the men and women who are practicing the cruising and keep the limits they and they ask for. You also have to be aware that you are in a public place and you must respect the rules to prevent people outside the cruising are offended or disturbed.
Among the risks that exist when practicing cruising are those associated with having encounters with strangers, and also being in public places. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain anonymity, and in the internet communities where the locks are made, an exclusive email account will be used for this. It will also avoid carrying valuable items, because there are people who take advantage of the spaces of cruising to steal the people who are practicing it, especially if it is an outdoor place.
Finally, and most importantly, we must always take precautions against Sexually Transmitted Diseases and use condoms if we are going to reach penetration or oral sex. If to practice sex with people we know we should always use a condom, we must be especially careful with strangers, both in homosexual and heterosexual relationships, to avoid contracting or transmitting any type of infection.

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