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п»їWhat sexual positions do women prefer?
Sex, one of the great pleasures of life, requires changes and innovations so that a couple does not fall into monotony. You will never know with what posture you can enjoy more and reach a deeper orgasm if you do not try all of them, although in sex as in food, tastes come into play and there is nothing written about them.
There are sexual postures that drive men crazy, especially those in which they feel they have control and in which they visually enjoy the body and movements of women. But what about them? Although women are more different in terms of tastes in sex, all tend to agree that sexual positions are what make them enjoy more and easily reach orgasm.
Men and women have very different tastes regarding sex
However, according to a survey of more than 2,000 people in Europe and the United States about their favorite sexual positions, both sexes agree on which is the best: the puppy's posture. This position of the Kama Sutra so classic is the only one that got the consensus between the two genres. But apart from this, men and women have very different tastes in sex. Thus, the ten preferred sexual positions by women are the following.
1 The puppy As indicated, the classic one in which the woman is placed on her knees with her back to the man and this penetrates her from behind, is the great favorite by the women and also one of the preferred by men.
Men and women agree that the best sexual position is the puppy
2 The missionary In the second place is another classic of the Kama Sutra, the position of the missionary. In this position the woman lies on her back on the bed and the man lies on her without letting her weight fall. The fact that they are face to face allows the couple to look at each other during the sexual act and this creates a greater confidence and emotional connection. In addition, this position allows the couple to kiss.
3 The cowgirl This is one of the preferred sexual positions of women since they are the ones that rule. The man lies on his back and the woman sits on him. In this position it is she who moves and has control, while the man delights by looking at his body and movements during the sexual act. In addition, in this position as in the previous one, that magic connection is created that allows the crossing of looks in the couple.
The subject is a variant of the puppy's sexual posture
A variant of the cowgirl is the sexual posture of the subject. In this, while the man is lying on his back, the woman sits on him with her back to him. It is one of the favorites for men because in it they enjoy the views they have, but it is also one of the favorites among women given that deep penetration is achieved and they feel they have the power to drive their partner crazy.
4 The deep The deep, legs on the shoulder, or as you prefer to call it, is a position that allows a total penetration and, therefore, a greater stimulation of the point G. To achieve this, the woman must lie down face up and raise your legs. The man, on his knees in front of her, must place the woman's legs on her shoulders and, then, begin with the movements. This position is also one of the preferred ones by men, and this is where everyone enjoys.
Deep sexual posture allows for greater G spot stimulation
5 The teaspoon The teaspoon, also known as the sexual position of the mold, consists in that the two must lie down in fetal position, the woman in front of the man. Then, she must keep her legs closed so that she can feel the rubbing of the penis better and, while lying down, she must move smoothly and rhythmically, performing a slow and deep penetration. In addition, this sexual position allows man to stimulate the clitoris and massage her breasts, which will excite the woman even more.
6 The delight In this position, she should sit on a chair or on the edge of the bed while the man will have to stand in front of her, so that her member is at the level of the vagina . She can wrap her partner with her legs and enjoy while the man sets the pace. The delight also allows the couple to kiss, as they are face to face, or that man plays with the breasts of the woman.
In the position of the spoon, the man must move smoothly and rhythmically
7 The screw The screw is a position that goes beyond the traditional and with which the woman will enjoy to the fullest. She should lie down in a fetal position on the edge of the bed, which will cause the clitoris to remain trapped between the vaginal lips and accessible to the man so that, while he penetrates it, he can touch and stimulate him. He will be placed on his knees, placing his limb at the level of the vagina and then he will be able to penetrate it while he caresses her breasts or stimulates her clitoris. With this sexual position the woman will not have any problem in reaching orgasm.
8 The trapeze It is a very easy position in which the man should sit on the bed with his legs spread and the woman, with the penis already inside, should sit on her thighs and lie down back until completely lying down. In this position it is the man who commands and will allow a deep penetration that will lead the woman to maximum enjoyment.
9 The chair For women who love the stimulation of the clitoris during penetration this is their position. The man should sit on the bed and the woman should sit on top of him placing the legs on his shoulders. The penis will fit perfectly into the vagina and the man can play with the clitoris and the breasts of the woman, besides being able to kiss her.
The surprise is a posture where both will experience an indescribable pleasure
A variant of this is the position of fusion, in which the man should sit on the bed or on the floor and lean back. The woman, sitting on it, should keep her legs straight or bent and also lean back with her hands supported like her partner.
10 The surprise The surprise is a position for the most wild and daring. The couple should stand up, the man behind the woman and then he should penetrate his partner from behind and grab her waist while she leans forward. The pleasure they both experience is indescribable.

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