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clitoral stimulators

п»їMaking love in an elevator: you go up or down?
Let's talk about one of the most common sexual fantasies and what you should do if you want to do it.

Maybe the movies and fictions like Anatomy of Gray have fed this common fantasy, but the truth is that making love in an elevator is one of those experiences that almost all of us want to try. It is clear that the circumstances have to be given: the right guy, the perfect moment ... But if sex gives you a certain morbidness in such a small space and with the risk that someone might catch you, we are going to tell you how to carry out this fantasy without any mishap.
What makes sex so exciting in an elevator
There are four main factors that make this such a common fantasy:
The closed place: it is true, in the palm of the rare places to make love are the elevator, the plane, the car, a tester, the shower ... the proximity with the other person and the public place being the engines stimulants of sexual fantasies.
The risk of being caught making love is also one of the factors that make friends of exhibitionism act.
The stranger we will never see again: when we think of "elevator" we also do it in a handsome, sensual man, who suddenly appears. The excitement of the unknown reinforces that provoked by the unusual place.
Like in the cinema! On the big screen it seems so easy to make love in the elevator that the temptation to try is huge. Many movies show us passionate romances in an elevator? We would like it to happen to us!
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Four points to keep in mind if you want to realize this fantasy. If you are convinced that you want to make this experience, there are four fundamental aspects that you must take into account to carry it out.
In the elevator there is a "STOP" button and you are not in a hurry. Because if you just go up or down, or if the doors remain open automatically, there's not much to do.
You can go without the half hour of preliminaries and you like fast sex and quality. Well, a "here I'll get you here I kill you" is not bad either, right?
Your dress is easy to put on and take off. And his pants too.
You like standing sex. Take a look at these postures that will be your salvation.
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The curious case of Benjamin Button
Four points that should dissuade you from making love in the elevator Before unleashing the passion, you must be very clear that it is feasible to make that fantasy, because you can get into some mess if you get caught or if something goes wrong.
You only have to climb two floors: it is clear that you have to have enough time to do something. So think of an elevator that can stand still for five or ten minutes.
The elevator has a video surveillance camera. Eye, because this can find you some legal problem in the case that you do it in some department stores, for example.
In the elevator you travel more than two, although well ... You never know.
Be prepared for this experience: you must be clear that you want to do it, otherwise, it may end up being an experience more distressing than pleasant. Take this test and discover it.
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