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James (RC)
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Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:50 pm

Riot Control is a key front line regiment that provides cover for US soldiers. We also can help out protecting VIP by providing the VIP cover

1. Do not minge
2. Be respectful
3. Listen to higher ups
4. Do not kill other US
5. Do not shield abuse
6. Do not kill AFKs, thats just dog
7. You must stay in the regi for 7 days, if you do not stay for that time you will be blacklisted from Riot Control tryouts

Shield abuse
Shield abuse is when you hit other people with your shield without a good reason. Abusing it to climb outside of maps (Some maps you can), and blocking the only entrance to a room.


When joining Riot Control if you are SGT and below you will be set to PVT, and if you are SSGT+ joining you will be set to SSGT.

PVT - PFC: Min 1 day showing good work during events and helping others
PFC - CPL: Min 1 day showing good work during events and helping others
CPL - SGT: Min 2 days showing good work during events and helping others
SGT - SSGT: Min 3 days showing good work during events and helping others
SSGT - MSGT: Min 5 days Training trainees, helping others and doing well during events
MSGT - WO: Min 7 days Training trainees, helping others and showing exceptional work during events, and good combat skills during events
WO - CWO: Min 17 days Training trainees, always helping others when needed, exceptional work during events and exceptional combat skills during events
CWO - Trial LT: Min 30 days Training trainees, helping others always, doing exceptional work during events, exceptional combat skills during events and help CMDR during tryouts and training
Trial LT - LT: 2 day waiting period, do not abuse power and keep up good work

If you show beyond exceptional skills in all areas time may be shortened

Trial LT
Trial LT is in place to make sure people are fit for the job and prove they are worthy enough to be a Lieutenant of Riot Control, LT will be a hard position to achieve.

Home map
During the home map our job as Riot Control can be to go on raids, protect intel and interrogate prisoners in Jail. During raids we can help out others by shooting the taliban that shoot the carrier of the intel so we can get away. When we protect the intel we get into strategical positions and shoot any taliban inside shooting at us. During interrogations our job is to get the information out of the prisoner we are interrogating.


Squad 1: Front line squad
Squad 1 will be a front line squad of Riot Control we specialise in going to the front lines of the fight and providing cover. We will line up to the left of stage during DB.

Squad 1 Roster
Leader: James
Co-Leader: TBA
Members: Mosey, fRONTEZ

Squad 2: All rounder squad, front line and back line squad
Squad 2 will do both front line and defensive tactics, this will be the squad you will start out in and stay if you wish, squad 1 is only front line. Squad 2 lines up to the right of the stage during DB

Squad 2 Roster
Leader: Plumpi Horr
Co-Leader: TBA
Members: Slip, Vincent, Salad, Boggs

This is all that needs to be said, Riot will now be in more control, no pun intended ;)

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Shako Forza
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Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:25 am

Good to see someone else is using the 'Squad' System.
Signed By: Forza

-Senior Event Master
-Major Of 75th Ranger Regiment


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