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SteamID (Default Format): STEAM_0:1:82316952

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Loerad/

Current In-Game Alias (E.g. Colonel Baker): Commander Kurgan {75th}

Most Commonly Known Alias (E.g. Tringee): Loerad

Are you staff on any other servers withing this community?: No

Have you been staff on any other communities (If so, please list your position, community and at least one reference and their SteamID)?: No

On a scale of 1-10, how known are you within the Community OR In-Game (1 being Known by 5 or less people, 10 being known by just about everyone)?: 7-8

How many hours do you have in-game on the MilitaryRP?: 342.7 hours.

Do you Understand as an Event Master you are not allowed to abuse your rank outside of the Events you run? Please speak to a Head Admin if you wish to inquire about using your rank outside of Events. (Type YES if you agree): Yes I do.

Do you have any Event Experience (Have you played a Character in an Event or assisted in the Set-up)?: No.

What Inspires you to become an Event Master?: I would like to be more helpful around the community and was recommended to join by Aleksei

Do you feel confident in delivering clear and concise briefings and debriefing?: Yes, as I have done one before.

Teamspeak Agreement

How often do you use the Teamspeak server?: I am always in it.

If you become successful in your application, you will be given a Teamspeak Server Group that is appropriate to the position you were successful in. Please understand that you may not be given access to this Server Group instantly. By typing YES you agree to never abuse your Teamspeak powers and you have understood and read the Teamspeak Rules (Link soon): Yes.

Short Questions

In One Paragraph, please explain why you would like to become an Event Master on MilitaryRP: Previously, i stated that i wanted to help the community around the server, As well as being more of an influence to the Place that i spend most of my time on.

In One Paragraph, please explain how you will bring new, interesting and creative Event Ideas to the table?: More interesting ways of balancing the teams if one side is pulverizing the Opposition, as well as different game modes.

Briefly describe how a "Typical Event" is run (Keep it short, you will provide a more detailed answer further in the application)?: The EMS set up the map while CMDRS keep everyone in DB, then a EM will Brief us on the mission after about 5-10mins.


Scenario 1: Users are complaining about the quality of the Event you are running despite only being 2 minutes into the Event. You spent almost an hour crafting this event and you were very keen to run it.

Question 1: As a Event Master, how do you react? Try implementing new features or ask people what is specifically wrong with it.

Scenario 2: During your Event you urgently need to go AFK. You will most likely not return in time to finish the event and it has only been running for 5 minutes.

Question 2: As an Event Master, how do you react? Ask another EM to Finish because of said reason, or an Admin or Mod if none other EMs on on at the time, after explaining the reason.

Event Crafting

You must craft your own Event from start to finish (Include Briefing and Debriefing). You are required to use full details such as map, actions (e.g. !model @ "model"), plot twists etc. Remember to include PassiveRP Elements!

Map: gm_emp_bush
Mode: attack/defend
Info: Helis and vehicles are allowed. preferred weapons, snipers of outdoors and shotguns for indoors.

US Briefing: Our scouts reconed this area and found three buildings protecting Intel, the tali have captured one of our scouts and they may have info of our attack, we have mountains between us, so stealth is not an option, Move in and capture the intel or else the US will not have crucial information That could advance our missions to stop the taliban. ( Explain in OOC that it is a Attack/defend )

Tali Briefing: The US placed scouts to recon over us as one was spotted, we got the dog to speak. The US is pushing an assault on our FOB, we must Protect them with our lives, if the US gets the Intel they will know of our plans for the next attack. Everyone is needed, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. We Must Split and protect them evenly.( Explain in OOC that it is a Attack/defend )

**for EMS
*Spread 3 Intel in three buildings, one in the middle bunker, one in the left bunker from US Spawn side, One in right Area/building from US Spawn.*
*Give Tali No helis, just Cars.*
*US 1 Black hawk, 1 AH-1 W Super Cobra Attack Heli, 6 Humvees and 1 M35 Canvas.*
*Put Tali spawn closer than US as they are defending.*
*Add trees for extra cover*
*If Tali lose 2 Intel by 8 mins use a predator Missile.*
*If US are losing E.G. 1 Intel taken by 7 mins. Add a Juggernaut*
*Do NOT use Gas for Tali or US and no Predator Missile for US

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