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MilitaryRP Ban Appeal Template

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:244212447

Your In-Game Alias/Rank: Prestige 1, level 40

Ban Reason: Using Bhop Skirt

Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Perm

Preferred Outcome of Appeal: to be un banned

Statement (Why you want to be unbanned): i am dearly sorry for this, i never intended to use a Bhop script how ever i had it on and put it as my scroll wheel so i went alot after, i am really sorry for using this, if i got a warning about this to turn it off it such or how ever i would have, but no one never told me i wasnt allowed it or to even turn it off, as though i should of known not to be using one as no other server would allowed it, but i have just had it on for a long time and never really thought of getting a ban for it , i am really sorry for using this i would never use it again as i love playing on this server it is alot of fun and i have spent a fair bit of money on it such as i paid for the Ultimate Package and paid for 30 levels i would had never spent this money if i knew i was getting banned all my hard time and effort put into something of a waste, im not saying you guys are just taking my money and banning me i would never come to that as everyone loves this server and how people are, but i would never have paid for things if i knew i was doing something so wrong , all i am is asking maybe please like even let me know that if i ever use it again i will get banned or somthing not just straight ban me even, like im not just some guest i was playing on this every day and night, but all i am is saying is that i am really sorry for this and to have another chance please, i ill never use it again, i swear down on it and if i do use it again you guys can Exil me from the server and black list do what ever you want but please may i please have another chance i am so sorry, thanks Nemesis

Evidence to Support Statement (OPTIONAL): None

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Please move this to the new forums: forums/
Current Regiment And Rank:

Marines CPL

Previous Regiments (Only The Ones I Got SSGT + On):

Al-Shabaab - SSGT

Ansar Al-Sharia - WO


Signed Tropica, Kisses!

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