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By smiddy

Info for any questions:
Name in game: Smiddy/Smiday
Teamspeak ID: smidddddy (Look for respected/CO tag)

Greetings, reader, while watching emma blackery videos it's occured to me that i have the power and authority as a DS to run regular trainings for LT and under. Not promo training of course but strong referrals to commanders as SSSS will be a very prestigious thing to beat. What the ssss stands for originally is Smiddies Super Skeet Shooting. The skeet shooting part will be explained and is not the only part of it. In this forum i will describe how and where i will be carrying out the SSSS reigieme.


Reccomendations from SSSS should be considered a prestigious thing to recieve as i will be being very harsh but fair. Reccomendations will be given in the form of a name, regiment, the part they reached and any extra notes.

Rules: No breaking pts, no shooting out of call, no afking, no smack talking, and NO CAPES.

Where and when: I will be calling smiddies SSS at debrief then will take the participants out to the east wall. I will be doing this as often as every day, and as not often as every second day. The regime will change to keep it fresh and so i can not go crazy doing the same thing over and over. Whole thing should take a bit over an hour.

Part 1. Easy
Thinning out the participants.
There is no limit to how many i will take to begin with but i will slowly begin to eliminate people by using a quick action faces and formations order. If the participant fails to do the face or formation they will recieve a strike (Purely in my training, its harmless otherwise). Two strikes means a kill and they will be removed from the training. If you do not know your faces or formations there is no place for you in SSSS and you will be removed. I will have a commander barrel and i will be using comms to shout out the faces/formations rather than mic. This can be considered qualifiers.

Part 2. Intermediate
The real fun begins.
If you are not removed in the beginning we will move onto sharpshooting practice where participants will be put to the test by shooting small targets with a number of actual players standing near the targets. Only catch is they must use iron-sights and their wit. The strike system has carried on and all strikes remain, if a participant shoots a player and not a target they will get a strike. Depending on how well the participant does in this part will determine if they get a recommendation or not as part two is the first part where you are eligible for a recommendation. Part two will also consist of A questionnaire, Marching practice, and shooting while moving and avoiding the spooky Taliban depending on how i'm feeling.

Part 3. Difficult
Anything of my choosing.
Part three is where i will choose something different each SSSS session that will be of varying difficulty but will usually be hard. This can range from breaching rooms, capping points, making me and the commanding officers coffees, telling me an interesting fact that i dont know, 1v1s, sniping and etc. Although some may sound easy i will definitely find a way to make it difficut. People who have played for a while will make it to this part easy.

Part 4. Difficult
Arbitrary tasks.
Part 4 is where i will be asking the participants to do easy and simple tasks over and over again until they crack/withstand it. Tasks can be like running from one side of the base to the other, protecting something stupid like a hot dog, saluting over and over etc. I think patience is an extremely good skill to master especially with the amount of minge on the uprise, and becoming higher ranks means you need to deal with it.

Part 5. Intermediate
Patience test
Basically like part 4 but you just have to not move for ages, with the one single catch you cannot be afk during it. I will regularly ask someone to stand up and crouch again or do a left face all while not speaking. Breaking patience or orders means an instant kick from ssss and no strikes at all. Making it to this stage is a great achievement and you will be recommended highly.

Part 6. Meme
Skeet shooting.
Disabling gravity on a chair and throwing it up in the air for the participant to shoot at, this is purely for fun and is a reward for making it this far. Great achievement and will be referred highly.
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+1 Seems like a fun/good idea. Trains people in many areas
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Tryout for Commanding Officers and do this, wonder How it would go.
Signed By: Forza

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