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SteamID (Default Format):

Character Sheet:
CC-5052 Bly // Commander 5052 Bly

Current/Previous Staff Ranks within this Community:
Legacy Moderator
Clone-Wars Moderator

How long have you been a Staff Member within this community?:
Around 2 months

Have you been staff on any other communities (If so, please list your position, community and at least one reference and their SteamID)?:
Operations Director within ElixirGamingAUS (Manager Position) ~ STEAM_0:1:53285326
Manager within ArcticGaming ~ STEAM_0:0:64784074
SuperAdmin (Manager) of Hell's Forge Jedi Academy

-More but communities disbanded

On a scale of 1-10, how respected do you feel within the staff team (1 being not respected at all, 10 being very highly respected):
I would say around 8 to 10

How many hours do you have in-game on CloneWars?:
https://www.gametracker.com/server_info ... uery=Drake

Teamspeak Agreement

How often do you use the Teamspeak server?:
I use it most often as it allows me to communicate and have a full understanding with one another on the server.

If you become successful in your application, you will be given a Teamspeak Server Group that is appropriate to the position you were successful in. Please understand that you may not be given access to this Server Group instantly. By typing YES you agree to never abuse your Teamspeak powers and you have understood and read the Teamspeak Rules (Link soon):

Short Questions

In One Paragraph, please explain why you would like to become an Administrator on CloneWars:
During the period of my Moderator position, I feel my progress in maturity and attitude to the server has been presented as a job. Alot of situations that I approach have furnished what I must do to keep my head high. Discipline and manners have been aspects of what I propose in situations. With that, this has allowed me to fully understand and control situations that happen upon the server; I follow this demeanour in my background and continue to manage my reputation and behaviour. With that, I feel the potential to accede to Administrator will fully allow me to understand that I've achieved a status and respect upon the community and others.

In One Paragraph, please describe how you would make an impact on CloneWars as an Administrator?:
From my period as a Moderator, I feel inforcing more communication between staff and how they handle situations and cases; can be one of many improvements and benefits to the staff team of CloneWars. Especially how we handle situations, I perceive advancement of how we work as a team and deal with matters that are still something to be monitored and adjusted. Such things as binds to handle situations and notify others that you're dealing with (eg. binding a key to say @ I've got this ...etc.) and how we act to one another (players, staff and members). Overall my impact to the staff team will allow the potential for others to develop a positive and mature attitude when dealing with situations, and how they can manage themselves.

Would becoming an Administrator improve the way you staff on the server or would you perform the same regardless?:
Upon receiving the rank of Administrator, my duties will consist of taking calls and helping people out as usual. But my main priority is that players/users are always in contact with an active staff member available to apprehend there case and deal with it accordingly. And with such a rank, my standards and maturity will continue to strengthen, develop and continue to shine when dealing with any user/player or staff member.

How many hours a week do you see yourself playing on the server?:
Been playing from launch to whenever. Maybe around 60+ hours a week.


Scenario 1: A known user has been upset with how the server has recently been handled. He feels the management team doesn't know what they're doing and he feels the server isn't being looked after. They have threatened to DDoS and shutdown the server permanently.

Question 1: As an Admin, how do you react and why?
I will bring him to a private area of the map, and begin to discuss their reason for such a negative behaviour to how the server is being managed. If the known user continues to threaten the server and is unable to co-operate, they will be banned for 2 weeks and will be informed by the management team about the case (Feral, Badger, Tringee and Sushi). If the known user is co-operative, they will be talked to about how they handle negative behaviour and how they can prevent such things from being said in chat or to others, as such behaviour is not condoned and could result into a ban.

Scenario 2: You have been playing on the server for a long time now and you feel like your time is almost up. You don't feel the server has been at it's best recently and you're quite upset with how it's currently being run. You are going to resign.

Question 2: As an Admin, how do you respectfully resign and why is it important to do so?
I will notify the management team that I will be resigning my position, then proceed what has been happening and what my future will be in the following years. I will shout out best lads and mates that I've known. And maybe set up a goodbye message or post on the forums to everyone on the server and how I will miss everyone!
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+1 Great staff member and responds too nearly every call :D

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+1 very kind and helpful person.
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+1 Is very committed to the server, I see no reason for him to not be admin

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Karl Lock-Jaw
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I'll be leaving a neutral rating for you Drake. Although you do good work on the server as staff, I think you still have to take the time to start being able to distinguish between situations where you have to act seriously and, oppositely, lightheartedly and fun.

Most of my interactions with you have been responses that feel overly threatening for an OOC meme or a quick dig.

Also, something many people who have been both in administration and commanding positions have found, is that it can be very difficult to balance the two. They are both full-time roles on the server. It's obviously not a mandatory choice but, it would not be uncommon to see either your growth as an administrator, or, as a Commander slow down or cease entirely under both large roles.

Continuing with the previous point, your regiment -at the moment- should be taking a lot more of your attention at the moment, since, honestly, it's not growing or showing much signs of improvement (from my point of view). It would probably be best to get that all out of the way and find a suitable 2IC if not a replacement for your position before pursuing the next level of server administration. From my experiences, the server needs better Commanders more than it needs more Admins.

I'd really like to see a consideration of my comments as constructive to help you understand how to better connect with the community you wish to administrate.
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Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:05 pm

Drake you happen to have the highest rating on the staff board and props to you for that, you constantly go after calls however, I feel like you lack a neutral judgement and when you do have a neutral one it's often easily persuaded away from it. I personally think that you need a bit more grit and more experience, your previous rulings on the previous colossal server have also made my decision as you would often contradict yourself.

To be honest you need to just believe in your decisions more and be able to make a suitable decision in the end. I understand you're in year 9 hence why I've made this a neutral.
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+ 1 The best moderator on the server, he is always on the grind. Active everyday. I put something in admin chat... 2 seconds later. BLY.
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