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I. General
Current In-game rank and alias: Al Shabab CWO Jahal Jihad
Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:158727530
Steam Community Profile: Bill Cosby (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198277720789)
Age (Not Required): 14
Are you currently staff on MilRP? Negative
Are you currently staff on other servers? Recently left as Co Owner of a smaller SWRP server.
Do you currently have any applications for staff in SWRP or MilRP? Negative
How often do you use Teamspeak 3? Rarely but would in the case of getting the position

II. Responses
1. Construct your own role play situation and how you would like parties to conduct their activities in 500 words or less.
So the UN have called upon the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) to investigate recent shooting down of civilian aircraft in US "controlled" airspace. The Investigative team is to consist of three people, A Forensics Scientist, Crash Investigator, and a Security Guard who would have his Health boosted to an appropriate amount. The Investigation would take place and the findings would be reported to the UN who would make a decision whether to take the US to court or not. In the situation the US are blamed an International Court Hearing would take place and a non bias judge would be appointed to the case and the US and UN would both put together a two man team of lawyers to represent them, the hearing would take place and if US are found guilty they would be given "sanctions" (Theoretical) and then the situation would be ended and everything resumes to normal.

2. Pick one of three situations and plan the execution of the activity
a) The Military Police are required to set up a headquarters at the airfield for the purpose of security.
b) The US forces have been spotted leaving the US base in vehicles the Taliban is to stop them from raiding.
c) The US is holding a High-Value target and are required to find out information. Due to lack of private area inside of the US base, they must set up a headquarters and keep the area secure from civilians and Taliban forces.
I chose scenario C
It would begin with US Higher ups and some "Grunts" being secretly transported to the safe house via black sedan and would have a base set up there. The Taliban would be left to there own devices to discover this and if they don't that is ok, MP would then be moved to the "Black Site" Via marked car and set up a up the road to turn back vehicles approaching the base. The final stage would involve a Black Hawk helicopter flying the HVT into the base which may induce suspicion in the Taliban and Civilian's alike (They would also be alerted by myself in comms). US would have to keep this checkpoint secure for 10 mins in which case (With and EM's permission) I would tell them the intel they have collected is worth 20 extra reinforcements whilst if the Taliban overrun the checkpoint the same goes that way. (If civilians get in and then escape its an instant fail for both sides as the intel has been compromised.

3i. A player is causing issues during a debrief. They are constantly breaking PTS and are refusing to line up correctly. You are required to respond to two different scenarios.
a) A new/lesser known player Have a talking to them and if they persist after that I would jail them outside DB until map change and then I can punish them appropriately.
b) An older/ well-known player Tell them that they know the rules and still give them the same treatment a new player would get but I may kick in response.
3ii. Whilst dealing with the player, they have become aggressive and have started verbally abusing you and other staff members. How do you respond to...
a) A new/ lesser known player? Generally in this situation not much can calm them down and Jailing them away from people can help as well as a kick or in worst case scenario short ban.
b) An older/ well-known player?
I believe all people should deserve the same punishment regardless of time on the server rank etc. But I would agree being more firm with these people is the right thing to do.
4. A player is on the server and says that apart of a regiment. He says that he has lost his rank and position in the regiment due to the server being updated/resets. How do you respond? Tell him to provide me with physical evidence or for someone higher up in that regiment to confirm it.

III. Terms and Conditions

As roleplay overseer, you will be required to enforce the rules of the server and complete tickets/reports.
You accept the rules for both the server and position of Roleplay Overseer and will comply with them at all times.
You accept that the role of Roleplay Overseer will be run harshly and that abuse of the role will result in punishment and/or possible removal from the position.

I (Jahal Jihad) agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

EDIT: Now LT of Malakand
2nd EDIT: Now CMDR Of Malakand
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Chill guy very active likes to RP

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Chilled out guy, excellent management skills. Knows the rules. Would suit this role!
Signed Smif

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+1 Good at RP, Mature and active
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