Jordo's Roleplay Overseer Application

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Jordo's Roleplay Overseer Application

I. General
Current In-game rank and alias: Tal SGT Jordo
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52471696
Steam Community Profile:
Age (Not Required): 18
Are you currently staff on MilRP? No
Are you currently staff on other servers? No
Do you currently have any applications for staff in SWRP or MilRP? No
How often do you use Teamspeak 3? Often, however, not usually to socialise.

II. Responses
1. Construct your own role play situation and how you would like parties to conduct their activities in 500 words or less.
The United States have a shipment of weapons and explosives landing at the airstrip. They will be transported in x3 M35 trucks. It is the job of the Taliban to hijack those trucks, either while they're still on the airfield or en-route to the US Base, and return them to the Taliban Base.
It would be the responsibilities of the Commanders of every regiment, both US and Taliban, to determine how they want their members to operate (such as the US Scouts on recon, and a US Regiment guarding both the airfield and the trucks, etc), as this is how it would be determined in real life, and it would allow the Commanders to exercise command of their regiment, and can see how members of their regiment operate.
20 minutes would be provided before the event so the Commanders can liaise with eachother and determine their plan. After the event has started, an additional 10 minutes would be provided to where the trucks are not allowed to leave the airfield in order to allow for both a more intense gunfight section of the event, and so that there is an opportunity for Taliban to hijack the trucks before they leave for the US base.
The event will last until the vehicles are delivered to either US or Tali base, or until the vehicles are destroyed.

2. Pick one of three situations and plan the execution of the activity.
I'd either build a building in a relatively secluded spot, or fortify an already existing structure. If there is a higher ranking Officer of the US side, I'd give them control of the US Forces. If there isn't one rank higher than anyone else, I'd either ask those who are the same rank if they'd prefer to let someone else be in control, otherwise, I'd just allot someone to be in charge of the US.
The US would have 10 minutes to allocate who goes where and finalise any security plans.
The US would be given the highest Tali rank that is online to interrogate.
The Tali will be given information that their highest rank has been kidnapped, and a very rough description of their location will be given to the next highest rank or a person specified so they can coordinate the Taliban forces.
The event will last 20 minutes.

3i. A player is causing issues during a debrief. They are constantly breaking PTS and are refusing to line up correctly. You are required to respond to two different scenarios.
If they are a newer or lesser known player, I'd pull them aside seperately and ask them their reasoning for breaking PTS or not lining up properly. If they say they simply don't know what PTS is or how to line up, I'll explain it to them and return them. After making sure they line up properly, and follow PTS, I'd keep an eye on them, and if they continue to break it, I'd pull them aside, question them and issue warnings if deemed appropriate.
[f they are a more experienced or well-known player, I'd immediately pull them aside and ask why they're breaking PTS and not lining up properly. After listening to their reasoning, and if deemed appropriate, I'd either issue them a verbal warning or punish them. Regardless of whether or not a punishment is given, I'd keep an eye on them to ensure they follow the rules after the fact.

3ii. Whilst dealing with the player, they have become aggressive and have started verbally abusing you and other staff members. How do you respond to...
If they are a newer or lesser known player, I'd gag them to ensure that they can't use their microphone, but can still use text chat to respond to my responses or questions. I'd explain to him that he needs to calm down, otherwise, a harsher punishment may be given. If the player promises to settle down, and they do, I'd be more than happy to overlook it. However, if they either continue to be aggressive and abusive either in chat or if I unmute them because they said they'd be compliant, I'd give them a harsher punishment, after consulting a more senior staff member.
If they are an older or more well-known player, I'd ask them what was going on and why they were being verbally abusive. If the person in question is known to be relatively chill, then I'd try and talk them down. If they continue to be verbally abusive and aggressive after I've verbally warned them and have tried to work with them, I'd give them a harsher punishment. If they're known to be aggressive or abusive, then I'd still try and talk to them and ask them what's wrong, and verbally warn them to stop. However, if they continue, I'd be less inclined to work with them due to their history.

4. A player is on the server and says that apart of a regiment. He says that he has lost his rank and position in the regiment due to the server being updated/resets. How do you respond?
I'd consult the Commander of the regiment, along with other staff who may know who they were, and ask if he was in that position. After consultation with the Commander and other staff, if they acknowledge that he was at the rank he specified in that regiment, I'd be more than happy to return him to that position. However, if they were lying, I'd question why they gave false information, and if it's determined that it was for a malicious reason, I'd pursue punishment.

III. Terms and Conditions
As roleplay overseer, you will be required to enforce the rules of the server and complete tickets/reports.
You accept the rules for both the server and position of Roleplay Overseer and will comply with them at all times.
You accept that the role of Roleplay Overseer will be run harshly and that abuse of the role will result in punishment and/or possible removal from the position.

I, Jordo, agree to the terms and conditions stated above.


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