MilitaryRP Roleplay Overseer Application Template

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Roleplay Overseer Application

I. General
Current In-game rank and alias:
Steam ID:
Steam Community Profile:
Age (Not Required):
Are you currently staff on MilRP?
Are you currently staff on other servers?
Do you currently have any applications for staff in SWRP or MilRP?
How often do you use Teamspeak 3?

II. Responses
1. Construct your own role play situation and how you would like parties to conduct their activities in 500 words or less.

2. Pick one of three situations and plan the execution of the activity
  • a) The Military Police are required to set up a headquarters at the airfield for the purpose of security.
  • b) The US forces have been spotted leaving the US base in vehicles the Taliban is to stop them from raiding.
  • c) The US is holding a High-Value target and are required to find out information. Due to lack of private area inside of the US base, they must set up a headquarters and keep the area secure from civilians and Taliban forces.

3i. A player is causing issues during a debrief. They are constantly breaking PTS and are refusing to line up correctly. You are required to respond to two different scenarios.
  • a) A new/lesser known player
    b) An older/ well-known player
3ii. Whilst dealing with the player, they have become aggressive and have started verbally abusing you and other staff members. How do you respond to...
  • a) A new/ lesser known player?
  • b) An older/ well-known player?
4. A player is on the server and says that apart of a regiment. He says that he has lost his rank and position in the regiment due to the server being updated/resets. How do you respond?

III. Terms and Conditions

As roleplay overseer, you will be required to enforce the rules of the server and complete tickets/reports.
You accept the rules for both the server and position of Roleplay Overseer and will comply with them at all times.
You accept that the role of Roleplay Overseer will be run harshly and that abuse of the role will result in punishment and/or possible removal from the position.

I (insert name here) agree to the terms and conditions stated above.


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