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This is a stretch and if this is already a thing feel free to comment and leave any added suggestions in the comments:
I believe that an info menu on regiments should be added listing the lore of each regiment such as; who the Jedi General(s) and CO's are. Their role in the clone wars should be outlined, E.g Front line regiment, recon regiment, search and rescue, bomb defusal etc. This would make it easier for newer players to SWRP to understand what kind of regiment they want to join and what kind of soldier they want to be. Adding information such as weapons they receive and roles within regiments E.g ARF, regimental ARC, heavy, K-company etc. This would give soldiers within regiments further information on roles within a regiment, this point could also be addressed by putting lists of regimental roles on the walls in bunks so if they are not sure what is available they can just go to the bunks.

I cant think of too much more then what I have added, I am sure if this is a topic that is considered more ideas will be thrown in but I think just a broad outline of information on regiments and roles within regiments would benefit with RP and would take stress off CO's and Admins as players wont be constantly asking what certain regiments do or what roles are available. (if this was a problem before) And if a menu cant be added in game then a solution would be to add one on the forums.

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Jannny and or known as Commander Appo of the 501st has already addressed this topic .


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