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Marines Issues

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Suggestion Name: Marines Issues (and possible Delta too)

Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment/Menus

Addon Pack (Optional): N/A

Addon Pack File Size: N/A

Reason (Why would you like this added/removed):

So along with the new update came a complete overhaul of the Marines, unfortunately this overhaul makes little to no sense for the Marine regiment. First and foremost is quite possibly the biggest issue with the Marines in my opinion -

The Concept.

When I think of the US Marines, I think of the common front-line guys that push in to a combat zone with a huge convoy and take/hold objectives. However on first glance at the CG Marines, they look like they're meant to be a stealth type regiment. This is reinforced with the uniform, regimental weapons and subclasses. Which brings me to the next issue -

The Uniform.

The US Marines uniform, due to battling in the Middle East; is now primarily a desert camo uniform. The MARPAT (Marine Pattern) of the uniform is generally one of the following three - Woodland, Desert and/or Snow. Although the previous Marine playermodels were amazing and i'd love them back. I believe the Marine player models should be exchanged for the Delta player models. Not only are the DF player models accurate to the Marines, the Marine player models are quite accurate for the DF. When I think of Delta Force, I normally picture them wearing a black helmet and black body armor; Perfect fit for the Marine player models, no?

The Weapons.

The US Marines regimental weapons are good but are much less accurate upon second glance. First of all the HK416 was an amazing weapon and made the Marines, one of the best US regiments in my opinion but it fits much more for the Delta Force however I personally would love it as a Marine. If not the HK416 there are many recommendations for the regiment that can be made. First of all the standard issue assault rifle for the Marines is an AR-15 platform (M16A3, M4, HK416), this is the same for the US Rangers. The Marine Officer's regimental weapon is a double barrel shotgun, which in my opinion is quite a bit of bullshit. Not only do they not get the standard issue weapon like Gunners do, but they don't even get an Assault Rifle. Therefore, I believe the Marine Gunner should have the M16A3, the Marine Officer should have an M4A1 and the Paramedic should also get an M4A1 or an M16A3. The Surveillance should have the standard issue M40A5/M40A3 and only receive the M82A3 at later ranks, this should also be renamed to Scouts; seeing as the real life Marines have a division called "Marine Scout Snipers". The final two classes in my opinion shouldn't even be Marines, but Delta Force. The US Marines standard issue lmg is an M249-SAW or an M240-Bravo, however can't attain this because it's reserved for the Delta Force Heavy and Sentinel. Ghost should be the class to get M14 if the Marines are staying as a stealth regiment due to it being the "stealthiest" class in the regiment, I believe it should have some sort of DMR to go along with the Poison Dart Gun.

The Classes.

The US Marines should not be considered a stealth regiment and the US Delta Force should not be considered a front line (wall) regiment. They should be reversed, thus I would suggest to switch the Heavy and Sentinel classes of the DF for the Tactical and Ghost classes of the Marines. If this can't be done entirely then leave the donator classes and only switch the Heavy and Tactical classes. Surveillance should also be renamed to Scouts as stated before. However in my opinion this isn't as pressing as some of the previous "issues" stated above.


I believe the US Marines not only got screwed over in this update but are also barely Marines, what with the uniforms, classes and weaponry. Below is a full list of the changes i've suggested above in less detail.


The Uniform.

Marine Uniform: Woodland/Desert player model (switch the Delta Force models and the Marine models around.)

The Weapons.

Marine Officer: M4A1 (HK-416)

Marine Gunner: PVT+ M16A3 (HK-416), SGM+ M249-SAW (Only if the Heavy or Sentinel do not get moved)

Marine Paramedic: PVT+ MP5A3, MSGT+ M4A1

Marine Surveillance (Scout): PVT+ M40A5, SGM+ M82A3

Marine Tactical: PVT+ M16A3 (HK-416), MSGT+ G36C

Marine Ghost: PVT+ M14 EBR or M4A1 (HK-416)


I'm willing to talk about anything above with Badger and/or Feral in TS3, if need be. These are the current ones I can think of, if there are any more suggestions I missed; state them below.


Screenshots (Optional): N/A

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US marines has been revised in the new classes update

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