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Popowog's Ban Appeal lmao

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	In-game alias/rank: Time of ban I was a US Army PVT
	Ban Reason: Attempted Mass TK
	Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Initially a week now i got 2 days left
	Why should we unban you?: *cough* aight, so i find it  rather funny that literally 4 admins were watching me as i left DB
but that's something for another day. Anyway i wanna be unbanned because this update has literally been teased since September 
and i wanna come back and see it when it drops. Also i wasn't gonna pull a *Massie*, my soul intention was to kill Matrix. 
That's literally all i wanted to do, just plant a bullet in his forehead for old times sake aye. Anyway i had a good rep in the 
community so let me back in aye
	Evidence in your favor (Optional): None my nigga
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Or next time don’t say in discord you are going to pull a massie? You got what you deserved. You broke a rule and you get punished for it, no matter what is going on with the server.

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As what Halstead said, I asked you a few things when you openly said you were gonna mass RDM your reply was "Fuck the server, It's dead" your intention was to leave the server as you thought it was "Dead" and you didn't care. so -1 sit out the ban you deserve 

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PopowogLast Thursday at 7:38 AM

i'm pulling a massie soon......stay tuned


RexLast Thursday at 7:38 AM

ur not that smart
you know there are staff in here


PopowogLast Thursday at 7:39 AM



RexLast Thursday at 7:40 AM

yea just saying talking about chucking a massie whilst there are server staff in here is not smart at all
If you gonna leave then just leave
don't be a cunt and chuck a massie


PopowogLast Thursday at 7:41 AM

colossal is dead, therefore no one will be on to even pull a massie...maybe an rdm


RexLast Thursday at 7:41 AM

lol I love how people say CG is dead
then 2-3 weeks later the server jumps back up


PopowogLast Thursday at 7:42 AM

yea nah...GGS where it's at


RexLast Thursday at 7:44 AM

You do realise that cg is "Dead" cause it's currently school time and not all CG players want to play during that time
once the holidays start I can bet that the server will go back to normal numbers

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hey Popowog u didnt try to kill Matrix it was me and Matrix wasnt even on but u did try to RDM so that was very pointless


                                                                                                                                                Signed By Joshiko Ty

                                                                                       Colossal Gaming MilitaryRP Event Master

                                                           Currently: SGT of Malakand 

Edited by joshiko1

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