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75th Ranger Regiment

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75th Ranger Regiment - Rangers Lead The Way, Of Their Own Accord


General Information

The 75th Ranger Regiment otherwise known as Army Rangers Is an Elite Light Infantry Airborne Spec Ops Regiment In The United States. The Regiment is headquartered at Fort Benning in Georgia, United States. 75th has a Battalion size of 3 Battalions. Their Primary Goal is to rescue hostages & raid enemy outposts. 


  • M16A4 Burst Assault Rifle - Standard Issue



  • MP-443 Grach - Standard Issue


  • M67 Frag Grenade - Lieutenant & Above


  • LAV-25 APC - Sergeant & Above



Recruitment Status: Open

We are looking for Soldiers that have the knowledge to lead a Squad into Battle, or, are serious & know what they are doing. Don't think you can do anything of those things? Don't worry, just try out anyway, we hold them twice a week. Contact CWO Jakey or Commander Steyr Forza for more information.

Recruitment Video:


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