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KameKazii's EM App

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Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:191077424

Steam Community Profile Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/KameKazii/

Current In-Game Alias (E.g.Captain Deston): SSGT KameKazii

Most Commonly Known Alias (E.g. Deston): KameKazi/Kame

Are you staff on any other servers within this community?: Yes But It has been shut down Recently

Have you been staff on any other communities (If so, please list your position, community and at least one reference and their SteamID)?: Community Manager, Newly made community, STEAM_0:0:74819380

How much game time do you have? (Provide proof) I have Multiple Names under the same account



https://www.gametracker.com/player/King "KameKazi"/

What is your current rank in-game (e.g.: User, Respected, Gold, ect)? : Gold 

Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘ULX’?: Yes I do

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you known throughout the community by both players and staff members?: 7.5

Are you currently in Colossal Gaming Steam group?: Yes

Do you have a microphone that you can use to assist you while dealing with players?: Yes

Do you understand that Colossal server(s) are to be monitored sensibly and your duties are to be taken seriously at all times: Yes

Have you had any bans to date? If so, please explain to us why we should still accept you: No 


Do you Understand as an Event Master you are not allowed to abuse your rank outside of the Events you run?  (Type YES if you agree): Yes

Do you have any Event Experience (Have you played a Character in an Event or assisted in the Set-up)?: No

What Inspires you to become an Event Master?: As you may know there is a small amount of event masters and that is what inspired me to help out the community a lot more now and help players with events With making events better now 

Do you feel confident in delivering clear and concise briefings and debriefing?: Yes


Teamspeak Agreement

How often do you use the Teamspeak server?: Always

If you become successful in your application, you will be given a Teamspeak Server Group that is appropriate to the position you were successful in. Please understand that you may not be given access to this Server Group instantly. By typing YES you agree to never abuse your Teamspeak powers and you have understood and read the Teamspeak Rules (Link soon): Yes

Short Questions

In One Paragraph, please explain why you would like to become an Event Master on MilitaryRP: I'll Help and make some good events for both tali and us to like and to make equal, plus i have been on for some very good events and want to make it how it was.

In One Paragraph, please explain how you will bring new, interesting and creative Event Ideas to the table?: i would bring many good ideas on where tali and us have equal say in mini events and more and talk to some user so to what needs to be better for the em team

Briefly describe how a "Typical Event" is run (Keep it short, you will provide a more detailed answer further in the application)?: A typical event 

all sides to db

after the explanation of whats going to happen is done

prepare for map change *Map changes*

Leaving spawn is a demote with the stage getting spawned in, recap of the db

the spawns get built with the defences, trucks get spawned you only get 2 trucks 

prepare to move out 

move out 

10-15 minute timer 

at the end of the time US/Tali Win

Second Part 

Repeat but at the end its become Us/Tali Win 

Then Levels Given|Prepare for map change

back to home map for final db and promotions 

Db dismissed



Scenario 1: Users are complaining about the quality of the Event you are running despite only being 2 minutes into the Event. You spent almost an hour crafting this event and you were very keen to run it.

Question 1: As a Event Master, how do you react? I would react by asking whats wrong at that point in time and if needed i would put a motar Or Jugg


Scenario 2: During your Event, you urgently need to go AFK. You will most likely not return in time to finish the event and it has only been running for 5 minutes.

Question 2: As an Event Master, how do you react? I would ask a higher up em to pitch in while im afk or if i cannot get one ill tell one of the fellow ems im going afk


Event Crafting


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Please set your google doc to open as we need permission to view 

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There You Go My Boy


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-1 This application doesn't seem finished but almost there.

There seems to be 3 parts in your event crafting.

Your briefings are very short.

Overall, it seems that you didn't want to go the extra step for this application and that's why I'm giving you a -1

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played Minecraft with me and made Daniel angry! 

he is 100% good 4 staff

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+1 After talking to KameKazi in teamspeak, I personally think he would make a great Event Master, Hope he gets accepted soon due to low EM count.

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Because i haven't been on the server, i asked other staff for help and i was given with you being mingy and not mature enough for the rank. You can re-apply in 2 weeks

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