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Ranks & Squads - Grading System

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Suggestion Name: Ranks & Squads - Grading System

Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): idfk

Add-on Pack (Optional): n/a

Add-on Pack File Size: n/a

Reason (Why would you like this added/removed):

Alright, since the server will go up SOON™ (God knows when) I have an simple yet elaborate plan to keep players active and probably prevent immediate burnouts. Since the update previews don't say any innovations made with the events and shit.


Main meat:

Add rank grading and permanent squads (Basically a fucking clan)!


So what the fuck is rank grading Xhenoa?

Basically this adds grades to the players' ranks (automatically) before they are eligible for promos! This eliminates most of the promos sheet tracking for players and sets an additional task for players. So how this works is that the grades are xp based (or can be points based per grade) and could be gained by doing capping objs, kills, whatever could be added, and etc., but the promos are still manually done by officers. I don't want to dictate on how will the xp curve and xp multipliers (or points) will be done but it could be made that it would take a bit more time, but also enjoyable and rewarding (flex and items/skins/etc.) for the players at the same time.


  • Kills - 1 pt
  • Capping Objectives - 5 pts
  • Holding Objectives - 1 pt per 5 seconds (idfk, probably don't count this because this is abusable)
  • Revive - 2-3 pts every 5 revives
  • etc.

As you can see PVT - SGT is still time gated and most definitely 1LT and Beyond will always be. Now regiment and faction transfers are more fair (personal opinion), transferring to another regiment doesn't demote you, but resets your current grade to 1 and faction transfers just demotes you by 1 rank.

Note: this is an example but you might aswell copy this (ripped from Black Squad)



Now for permanent squads (a fucking clan per se, separate with the existing squads)

How the fuck would clans work?

The clan system would only function when there are minimum a of 6 players and max of 10 players and only will turn on in events.


Now, there will be a leaderboard that will seasonally reset, top clan and their members gets some good shit by the end of the season.

It would be great if it's a point system based on kills and deaths to make shit simple for example, but I ain't a dictator.

EXAMPLE: 1 kill = +1 pt; 1 death = -1 pt

Now if you're clanmate is on an enemy faction, killing him/her or dying from him/her doesn't count, simple.


Note: this is ripped from black squad again



End note: I just want to get this out of my system because I think this would really be beneficial for the server, add more shit, hijack the suggestion whatever, because this system can be modular by design


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