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Taliban Army (Better Models)

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Suggestion Name: Taliban Army Player Model Replacement

Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Playermodels

Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2077299809

Addon Pack File Size: N/A (Read Reason)

Reason (Why would you like this added/removed):

Since it's posted here, it's a bit serious.

So first things first, "Why?"
I know "Malteser" is a staple and a household world already at CG. But let's be fair, the models are ugly as, they don't offer much as an advantage in combat as they the models tend to be more as a disadvantage since it's "chunkier" than the other models within the server. Plus, aesthetically they are more like african warlords and soldiers and somalian pirates, which is well away from being a "Taliban". Like everything, somethings should change and this should be some of those things.

The problem
Ok so the problem is the addon is ragdolls only, so work has to be done (which is what everybody hates fr). Second and hopefully the last problem stemming from the first problem is convincing Feral (I assume) to spend some bills from the treasury to hire and pay someone to do the work, which is hard enough to do that's why I'm just opening the idea to this.
The bodygroups are plenty enough to feast on, like a lot.

Other stuff
In my opinion, Taliban Army got one of the good default loadouts, but underutilized since no one wants to be that player with that model. This is the same as the US Army, like they have hella of lot of good shit aswell (just needs a damage buff on some). That's why I'm also making one for them after I find a proper one for them aswell, because that desert camo is yikes, it's WW3 they probably should get an Urban Digital or Jungle Digital camo already, and hopefully it isn't locked up to ragdolls.

- Xhenoa wants another model change :pepocmon:
- There is work :pepeugh:
- Feral has to probably spend server monie this time 💰
- Xhenoa wants people to stay in Taliban army and US army more, rather than instantly moving to a regiment. ❓

Screenshots (Optional):

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tali in general need new models, doing this bit by bit with every regi will help each regi become alive in their own way

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