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How to enable sounds for headshots on the server

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Hi All,

Small recent update - Colossal gaming now has working headshot sounds, below are the instructions to enable it along with instructions for custom sounds.

First of all make sure you sub to the sound file that's included by default. 

Then whilst in game on the server you can put this in console (without quotes)

"cw_headshotsound 2"

Now do a full game restart - close game to desktop and then reopen and join back into the server

Congrats! you can now hear a different sound for headshots.


To add your own custom sounds to it there are a few requirements, 

1. Sound must be in either .MP3 or .wav (waveform) format

2. Sound must be 16000hz - 24000hz

Now on how to do it,

the path to the sound must be inserted into "" and ran in console, if you have access to spawnmenu (qmenu) you can just do it directly from there

cw_headshotsound_override ""

Now do a full game restart - close game to desktop and then reopen and join back into the server

Note to the above custom sound path - it may need to be placed into an empty addon if it you have issues with pathing or getting it to work. see below


Instructions on creating an empty addon

1. Navigate to the garry'smod addons folder - \Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons\

2. Create a new folder in the addons folder (you can name it anything, but for easy purposes you could just call it custom_sounds)

3. Create a folder in your newly created folder called sound (it should look like this so far. \addons\custom_sounds\sound

4. Create another folder called headshot in the sound folder

5. Drag your custom sound into the last folder.

6. cw_headshotsound_override "headshot/samplename.mp3" (replace samplename.mp3 with the name and filetype of your custom sound)

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