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Add more pistols to buy menu.

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Suggestion Name: Add more pistols to buy menu.

Suggestion Type: Weapon

Addon Pack (Optional): CW2.0 (base pack, already on server)

On CG, on the server, we have 3 perfectly good pistol not being used, that I'd hopefully like to see added, these weapons are such:
cw_m1911 (most likely wouldn't end up being a buyable and would Go to US officers but would be nice to have)
Obviously they will require stat changes but I'd like to see more options than just glock and bloodhound for weapons of the pistol type
these are already on the server, I don't know how hard it would be to add them but I'd like to see more pistols on the server.

(also surely add the cw_g3a3 for us mr feral and badger its already on server)

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