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Remounting Addons

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Remounting Existing Addons

If you are subscribed to the server's content, but still seeing errors or having invisible props or materials, this is most likely due to the fact that the content was mounted incorrectly by Garry's Mod or you have a different version of the addon compared to the one that is used by the server. This can be common when different servers use the same addons or just happens sometimes when playing Gmod.

Go To Steam Library -> Garry’s Mod -> Workshop



Click Unsubscribe From All  or go through your addons and unsubscribe from the addons that are not displaying correctly on the server


In your Steam Library -> Garry’s Mod Right Click and Open Manage and click on Browse Local Files


Then under GarrysMod/garrysmod/addons then select all and delete the addons otherwise the addons that you have unsubscribed in the previous step


Then go to the CG content collection on the steam workshop and resubscribe to all.


Open Garry's Mod and wait For it to download all the addons you have subscribed to, then relaunch Garry’s Mod and join the server.


Note: I usually would leave Garry's Mod open in the background when completing all above steps

Disclaimer: CG will not be responsible for anything you attempt  while following this guide and anything you do to your computer

Subscribed items.PNG

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