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MilitaryRP Changelog 30/09/2020

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30/09/2020 Changelog


Weapon Changes

- Flamethrower: Damage nerf, now get rewarded for kills


Vault Changes

- Fixed bug with defenders not appearing as hostile when holding a money bag (if neutral is allied to defending team and you have a money bag they will appear as hostile/if you are defender person with money bag will appear as hostile)


Random Event Changes

- Rep viewer on middle of screen now changes similar to warzone objective with neutrals turning hostile when inside random event area/when you are inside random event area neutrals outside will appear as hostile
- Fixes to timers with satellite and bomb random events
- Wartime now shows timer in top left


Raid System

- Bug fixes
- Raids now show timer in top left


NPC System

- The defender NPCs spawn at bases that are being raided and assist the faction that is defending
- The militia NPCs spawn at warzone objectives and when vault is raided
- You receive money and exp for killing the NPCs 
- NPCs do not spawn if there are over 60 players online
- Minimum 1 player online required for defending team when raiding a faction


There are now tents 😄

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