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MilitaryRP Changelog 24/08/2020

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24/08/2020 Changelog


General Changes:

- Rep Viewer height and size has been increased


Aircraft Changes:

- Cessna banging noise fixed

- Helicopter sounds set to 0.1 default (from 1)

- Armed Transport helicopters added, gets mounted machine gun but slightly less HP compared to regular transport (SGT/DPL minimum rank to spawn in flying regiment -counts as transport helicopter not attack-)

- Attack Helicopter slight HP buff


Vault System Reworked:

- Vault is located in the middle floor of the apartments and the banker is located in the airfield building

- Each map change there is a 50/50 chance either Taliban or US will be attacking/defending

- Sub factions need to be allied to a main faction to be able to interact with vault system (become attacker/defender)

- Type !vault to see if the vault can be raided

- Vault cooldown is 30 minutes and the vault stays open for 12 minutes after being unlocked

- Once vault closes all money bags will get deleted

- Any attacker can raid the vault (no rank requirement/can be alone)

- You can only hold one money bag at a time except while holding the bag anything you do to get money/exp around the map will add money to the bag (objectives/FOB/killing/raiding/random event)

- Money bag starts at $250 but can go upto $1250 max depending on how much money/exp you earn doing activities around the map (vault only stays open for 12 mins though)

- You are KOS while holding a money bag for defenders/defenders are KOS also if you are holding a money bag

- Once you hand in the money bag you get exp/money based on how much money you had in the bag

- When handing in the money bag there is a chance to have a unique weapon drop. The chance is increased the more money you had in the bag.

- Unique weapons that can drop which will last until you die include: HL2 RPG (changed), Gauss rifle (changed), PDW (changed), S12 (changed)

- If you get killed while holding a money bag it will drop on the ground and defenders can retrieve it to get 50% of the money/exp that the bag contained (Donators get 60%)

- Will not be able to easily mass transport money bags around/can’t drop money bags

- Requires 25 players minimum with 12 defenders minimum


Regiment weapons
SMR: Buffed (Damage, max spread, spread per shot, hip spread, fire rate, recoil)

STAR-12: Buffed (Damage)

EMJ-S: Buffed (max spread)

TEC-9: Nerfed (damage)

MP-970: Nerfed (damage)

Weevil: Nerfed (damage)

Prestige weapons
Peacekeeper: Nerfed (Damage)

M8A7: Nerfed (fire rate, only semi auto now)

EMJ-R - Sleight of Hand: Buffed (mag size)

AS50 Gold: Buffed (max spread, recoil)


Staff Changes:

Ian - Head Admin

Bob Jane - Veteran

Eleventeen - Respected

Rito - Veteran

Stormzilla - Trial Moderator

Kiba - Trial Moderator

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