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Faction Leader Rules

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This post contains the rules for Faction Officers/Chiefs, these rules are set for said people. 

People who are in Enlisted ranks are not required to know these rules.


  • You MUST always be open to negotiations with other factions, the major point of this update was to increase roleplay and the most important people for this to work is the faction leaders.

  • Whenever considering becoming friendly/neutral with another faction you MUST meet up in person to negotiate with the other faction leader that is online. Both factions need to agree on the reputation change. When changing to hostile it is encouraged to negotiate first but isn’t required.

  • You can only be hostile with a specific faction for a MAXIMUM of 20 minutes at a time. After the 20 minutes is up you MUST change the reputation back to neutral with that faction and wait a MINIMUM of 30 minutes before being able to become hostile with that specific faction again. This is to stop constant pvp between certain factions. The only exception to the rule is the Taliban where factions can be hostile with the Taliban for as long as they want. 

  • If Taliban is making a faction hostile it can only be for 20 minutes


  • US and Taliban must always be hostile to each other. Do not change this. 

  • You are allowed to raid neutral/hostile factions. You can’t raid friendly factions.

  • Do not just consider Roleplay when deciding to change reputations with a faction, also consider if certain factions are struggling and need help. It is up to the faction leaders to try and keep balance on the server. 

  • During events do not touch reputations. The event masters decide reputations during events.

  • You cannot become hostile with the UN, the UN can only decide to be hostile with you. If the UN isn’t hostile with you then under no circumstance are you allowed to KoS a UN member. You can be hostile to the UN under extreme circumstances where the UN is greatly assisting an enemy faction.

  • Factions can try to force negotiations through having hostages. This will usually be successful.

  • Everytime the map changes back to home map the reputations will reset back to default. This means that you will need to negotiate again to change reputations. You will be demoted if you change a reputation to friendly/neutral without negotiating first. Unless changing a reputation from hostile to neutral after timer is up for the maximum amount of time you can be hostile.

  • The MAXIMUM amount of people that can be in a sub faction is 12.

  • Officer/Chief+ can change reputations, the highest rank active in the faction is able to be negotiated with to change reputations although they won’t be able to change it themselves

  • Factions should not ally with the US and Taliban as they will always be enemies. Factions should try to avoid having allies that are enemies with each other. 

  • To raid you gotta type !raid “faction name”. When you have done debrief/have 4 people, type !raidstart

  • After you type !raid “faction name”, YOU MUST COMMIT TO THE RAID. Once you have typed that command and the raid works then you must prepare to raid. !raidstart after a maximum of 5ish minutes (time to do briefing/get everyone together)


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