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  1. Use common sense.
  2. Don't be a dickhead.
  3. Make sure you provide an opinion or rebuttal with constructive feedback or evidence if posting outside of general discussion, off topic or introductions. Single worded responses or "what he said" are not appropriate.
  4. When responding to your own application, you should only be responding to questions regarding the application. Responses should never solely include appreciation of feedback or updates to yourself or your application.
  5. Don't double post, spam or bump threads. Or do dumb shit to try to get around these rules.
  6. Don't reply with a comment that has has no constructive value, no relevance or no comedic value. Staff discretion.
  7. NSFW and NSFL content are strictly prohibited.
  8. Don't post on an inactive topic unless the topic is still relevant, and you are making a contribution that will prompt further discussion.
  9. All rules are interpreted, and punishments given, by staff discretion.
  10. Use the text editor sensibly, any misuse of the text editor will result in suspension from the forums. Eg.(Using size 36 or above for regular posts)
  11. You only give feedback on a staff application if you have played the server somewhat actively within the last few weeks.
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