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Bob Jane

Toxicity Towards Events

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For the last few years, events have been quite vital to our server’s success and maintaining high player populations. We of course have played really great events, and some questionable ones. However, in these last couple months, there has been a bit of concern risen by people about the state of behaviour towards events.


Currently we are dealing with a pretty small event master team. Having only 2 full EM’s with a few trials on their way to full EM. The workload for them right now and big; and sometimes, it is hard for us to run an event when the team is in a hard state. And I know that the quality of events can be questionable, but there needs to be a stop to toxicity towards events. OOC is not the place to express your opinions towards events, especially negative opinions. Some of you may not think about it, but it puts off staff a lot when they get shit on in the public chat. We are always open for criticism, but not remarks that put people off from running events. I just want to remind people some ways to express their opinion about an event:


1 In admin chat. The quickest and best way to express your opinion is through admin chat. Keeping criticism in a private place can be 10x better to deal with than having it expressed to a whole population. I understand that events can be annoying but giving constructive feedback in admin chat would be a nice thing to see happen more often.

2 In DMs. Like mentioned before, having ideas or feedback given in a private place is what we are wanting, and DMs are another good place to leave them.


That is pretty much all I wanted to address. I just thought I'd voice my opinion, and the opinion of others. And just want to reassure to people that we do see criticism and feedback. It’s just when players reply with “shit event”, it doesn’t leave a good feeling for those who run the event. Stop the toxicity towards those running the events because it will come back to bite you. It is already happening to some of you and we wish for it to stop.

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