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Toolgun Alternative for WAC Commands

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Instead giving people tool guns and risking users abusing here are some commands that you enter into console instead of having a tool gun to select your binds etc! Here are some common binds people need to set using the tool gun but instead can be set into your console.

Numbers to keys forum

Arcade Mode
wac_cl_air_arcade 1 = [on] 0 = [off]

Hover Mode Bind
wac_cl_air_key_hover 17.00 = [G] 18.00 = [H] etc

Aircraft Sensitivity
wac_cl_air_sensitivity 1.00 etc 

Use Mouse
wac_cl_air_mouse 1 = [use mouse] 0 = [no mouse]

Start Key
wac_cl_air_key_start 28.00 = [R] 

Aircraft Volume
wac_cl_air_volume 0.01 

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