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un ban request

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	In-game alias/rank:Ghost pvt [been demote]
        Who banned you?:dr
	Ban Reason:rdm
	Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining):
	Why should we unban you?:i want to be back this server because i have a big mistake i rdm people "i will never do this  again i promiss
if i do this again ban me for ever this is the reason

and by the way i am msgt at ru before i been demoted i really want get back to cg please let me back to cg 

Evidence in your favor (Optional):
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Ghost's English isn't his strong suit so I will fill in some detail
He had a bit of a history for failRP and RDM but most of it was a result of not understanding what was going on and getting frustrated as a result.
His first ban was 10 days which is kind of unfair in December.  He then played the server fairly actively for 2~ months without much issue. 
Then on the 10th of March he was kicked out of RU as I assume was a result of the faction limit of 13 making RP capability a higher requirement.
Whatever the reason for being removed from RU Ghost was rather distressed as a result.
He was then banned for 4 weeks for "asking to be banned, NITRP, previous warns, disrespect, RDM in sit - 1 month ban"
To be fair as the extending staff member I should have looked further into why Dr. no pancreas was banning you.

After speaking with seniors and the swan man I am reducing the ban to 1 day. 

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