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Suggestion for USAF and/or planes to come back /w it.

Bring Back USAF /w Planes (and if it comes back please don't let Astronauts in)  

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  1. 1. Do you want USAF to come back?

    • Yes
    • No lmao too many Astronauts
    • Up to the owners/staff

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i think that USAF and/or planes should come back because it will make it more immersive and make it have more of a RP effect on the players as they can call in air-support in /c and win battles that may have US out-gunned or when US just need recconisance on Taliban activity or to see points/mini-events and keeping a eye on them so that US can move into the mini-event/point while feeling safe and immersed in the RP.

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First point, it's in the wrong section (unless it was moved, I don't know)

Secondly, use the proper template when making a suggestion: 


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