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Steam ID: z4nuk

Steam Community Profile Page Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/gasthemjews/

Current In-Game Alias (E.g.Captain Deston): z4nuk

Most Commonly Known Alias (E.g. Deston): z4nuk

Are you staff on any other servers within this community?: nope

Have you been staff on any other communities (If so, please list your position, community and at least one reference and their SteamID)?: nope

How much game time on Colossal Gaming MilitaryRP do you have? (Provide proof): Capture.JPG.1d0c0eeff2f6c683d5c90b51b47d59e0.JPG

What is your current rank in-game (e.g.: User, Respected, Gold, ect)? : guest

Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘ULX’?:a little bit

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you known throughout the community by both players and staff members?: 5?

Are you currently in Colossal Gaming Steam group?: yea!

Do you follow and enforce the server rules to the best of your ability?: i try yea

Do you accept that you cannot treat your friends any differently to ordinary players?: i understand

Do you have a microphone that you can use to assist you while dealing with players?: yea

Do you understand that Colossal server(s) are to be monitored sensibly and your duties are to be taken seriously at all times: yup

Have you had any bans to date? If so, please explain to us why we should still accept you: nope

Teamspeak Agreement

How often do you use the Teamspeak server?: a fair bit

If you become successful in your application, you will be given a Teamspeak Server Group that is appropriate to the position you were successful in. Please understand that you may not be given access to this Server Group instantly. By typing YES you agree to never abuse your Teamspeak powers and acknowledge that you understand the Teamspeak Rules (Link soon): yes



Why should the staff team accept you as a Moderator on Colossal Gaming Military Roleplay?: cuz i do feel that i would be a good addition to the team and plus i am on alot early than most of the australians due to me being from new zealand

Discuss your ability to work in a team and give examples that demonstrate this: i work closely to the 2nd LT in 75th exsplosive and also during trainings i help to the best of my abilitys during these

Discuss any past experiences that you believe have impacted the server and player(s) positively: helping captain ethan helping out 2 LT explosive and also leading demolition while the demo oc is offline

Describe your personality and speak a little about yourself: i am zan and im a chill dude i fuck around at my IT course and i like to read books talk to strangers and make friends



Scenario 1: A Player is running around on the server and rdming constantly. Despite previous warnings from other staff, this player is still on his murder spree. All the other staff has logged off and you are the only one left. The player count is around 35. You've encountered this player before and have found him to be quite the minge.

Question 1: As a Moderator, how do you react? pull him aside and ask him why he is being asshole, let him go if he continues give him a temp ban,if he comes back still being an ass warn him again then if it sill doesnt work ban him

Scenario 2: A well-known Player has Mass-RDMed a small squad of Players on his own team. This Player has been a very great member in the past, however recently you've observed that they are slipping up a lot.

Question 2: As a Moderator, how do you react? ask him whats up, give him a warning that if he continues he will be getting banned if he keeps going give him a temp ban if he continues give him a perma


Good luck with your application! If you've got any questions please contact Canoon.


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-1, You answers are lacking alot of detailed information. In the first Scenario question you didn't discuss speaking to the people he was shooting and see if someone might've caused the incident to occur. Didn't bring up warns and overall didn't have alot of things talked about. The only reason for you wanting to join the staff team was because you were on earlier then others give us some more information. 

One of the biggest factors though is your time on the server before applying u need to have had atleast 30hrs in the past two weeks and you haven't even reached that in total yet.


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Application Denied

Unfortunately you don't meet the set pre-requisites (You must have at least 60 active hours within 1 month on the server.)
We appreciate the application, feel free to reapply when you meet all pre-requisites.

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