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Found 1 result

  1. Suggestion Name: Fixing Tali Suggestion Type: Faction Reason: Greetings, as all of you, may know at the moment Taliban is absolutely horrible, we are getting no new recruits the only new people we get are the few staff from the U.S that swap between roles to help out tali. I suggest that Taliban need to be reworked positions need to be overlooked and active CO's are needed. recently there has only been a max of 5 Taliban on throughout the whole set of events compared to over 20 U.S every event and has gotten to the point that the very few active Taliban have started to swap to U.S and I'm on the line of doing it myself. Tali has always had fewer members compared to U.S but now it's just getting to the point that events are just Tali being spawn camped and the few events we do win are either sided for tali or is an RP event. I seriously believe that tali have the opportunity to revive its self and be able to stand up to the U.S once again I just believe that the positions currently taken should be overlooked and a more active person should be placed into a position where they can assist the rev of tali or the server will become a U.S Vs AI because the faction is slowing killing it's self off. Thank you for reading my suggestion please leave your thoughts in the comments.
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