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Found 7 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Mitigating the Tali vs US engagement issue outside base Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Vehicle Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Introduce a proper solution the Tali v US engagement issue. Mechanically there is no point in leaving the US base because you get jumped immediately without being able to do anything against an attack, either you get blown to shits by an Attack heli or you are fearRP'd out of a car and then killed. I say a good way to mitigate this issue is to make it so Taliban cannot fearRP any vehicle from the US and give all vehicle wheels indestructibility. Using the LAV argument is invalid, it only allows 1 person to use it and is restricted by how many can be active at a time (1). Also the vehicle is a 75th exclusive vehicle, meaning, every other regiment has no actual way to mitigate this issue anyway. The only incentive for the LAV should be its speed and health over the other vehicles in the army; this'll still give the LAV its position as the "ideal" vehicle for capturing intel during raids and wartime so the vehicle doesn't become obsolete. In the future I see tali attacks as a thing still happening outside base however, the US have a chance to escape and not immediately become sitting ducks, being stranded and killed instantly by 1 tali attack rocket.
  2. To start things off, I don't wanna sound demanding on my first topic. These things that I'm going to suggest are the things I find lacking within the MilRP server. I ordered things as priority based. Weapons Stats: This is what I find very important, especially to newer players that just joined the server, instead of bar graphs displaying the weapon damage, firing rate, hip fire accuracy, aim accuracy, and recoil there should be numbers along the bar graph that further gives additional info for comparison to other weapons. These clears out confusion and introduces better comparison between weapons. Furthermore, there should be additional info on the firing settings of each weapons, there are a number of players I saw who had saved up cash just to found out that the weapon they've bought with a maxed out fire rate displayed in the graphs of the weapon is a semi-automatic. This feature could save new players hassle of buying new weapons. Rank Based Salaries: This one is a minor tweak to the 10 dollar salaries of each players within the server. What if the higher the rank of the player, the higher salary they get? Starting with the base salary of $10 per hour, then +$10 per promotion. I think this feature will further encourage players to work more and perform better to achieve higher ranks and of course, high ranking players flexing their high salaries. Raiding Intervals: What do I mean by this is the interval of each sides raiding cooldown is way too long in my own opinion. The scenario is, "what if both sides conducted a raid and both failed easily from the start?" See the problem? Things go stale at that point, both sides waiting for 30 minutes to raid again. I suggest to lower down the 30 minute interval to a 10 minute interval instead. This could encourage more action, and better strategizing logistically and methodologically upon the next raid to another. That sums up all the suggestion I currently have for the better of the server itself, and thank you for taking your time to read this.
  3. Suggestion Name: Time Display Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): User Interface Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=337442751 Addon Pack File Size: 0.003 MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Coordinating activities/events across numerous people is difficult, and can often lead to misinterpretation, confusion and disaster. In a military operation, often a 24-hour time (such as 0600) is given for certain events to play out or start. This eliminates the problems of having to broadcast information simultaneously to everyone taking part and things happening out of order or done incorrectly. Additionally, not everyone is in the same time-zone, and therefore causing even more confusing to people who are a few hours behind or ahead of others. Thus, having a server-wide, synced, time/clock display on everyone's HUD would make organizing such things a hell of a lot easier for both commanding and operating. It would help with raids, organizing briefings, and timed exercises and trainings. Issues such as a raid failing because teams attacked out of sync would be of the past. It could also improve RP among the players, giving new opportunities such as planning out large-scale attacks/defenses to happen simultaneously, or even something as simple as an officer giving a soldier a specific time to come to his office/complete a task. Screenshots (Optional):
  4. suggestion Name: fix for crouch jumping, head glitching (etc) Suggestion Type: bug fix Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2160669896 Addon Pack File Size: 0.004 MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I would like this addon to be added so that the game will be more balanced and fix a lot of bs shots and exploits (e.g. crouch jumping, head glitching and view model perspectives Screenshots (Optional):
  5. i think that USAF and/or planes should come back because it will make it more immersive and make it have more of a RP effect on the players as they can call in air-support in /c and win battles that may have US out-gunned or when US just need recconisance on Taliban activity or to see points/mini-events and keeping a eye on them so that US can move into the mini-event/point while feeling safe and immersed in the RP.
  6. Reason: MP's not being kos a problem, because it meant that if a taliban jihaded a very large group of US or blew up a car transporting many US. he would be at risk of warn/demotion if a MP was one of them, and the only reason for this is because he isnt allowed to kos MP's. this new freedom allows Taliban to kos a group of US without having to worry about identifying them too much, or figuring out whether or not a MP pulled out a gun. However, for MP's the game was fun when they weren't kos, as it meant that they could just be chill with taliban, and feel as safe as a taliban would when walking around the map. However it is weird how taliban would kos literal high ranking military members, but then be too RP scared to want to mess with anyone with "police" in their name, so it does make sense that taliban would kos them as well. So with this, I would give MP's being the way they were on last map a -1. New suggestion: However, I feel like there should be some sort of replacement for military police, something that captures being a US who can merge in among taliban, So (this should probably be in a new suggestion) I suggest an Undercover US regiment. This regiment would be able to disguise as a taliban army skin, to be not kosed by taliban. This would be slightly difficult to implement, as an addon allowing certain players to change their own skin to a specific skin might be rare. Solutions to downsides: This regiment would be at risk from being killed by fellow US if they did pull out a gun, and it would be their job to find out about taliban without putting themselves at risk, as they are important spies. This would mean that they are not allowed to engage in any combat with taliban as they are in danger, and they are not allowed to pull out a gun, as they are at risk of being killed by US, so its failrp. (this solves any previous existing problems) However, they are allowed to handcuff known taliban, and as pulling out handcuffs reveals their identity, they will be immediately kosed by taliban after pulling them out, which will encourage them to use tactics to find an alone taliban by themselves without being noticed, and being able to handcuff the taliban quickly before he koses them, before removing his disguise and bringing him back to US base to be interrogated/prisoned. PS. unless for RP purposes, the Undercover US regiment is NOT allowed to change their skin during events. This suggestion would most definitely add a new layer of fun as a replacement MP regiment, and I'm sure many people would want it.
  7. So the riot control models have full on armor, bullet proof armor surrounding them so realistically you'd think they have armor, but no they're as squishy as a 9 year old trainee asking for guns. To combat this limit the amount of RC's (Riot Controls) and give them armor (50) now you'd think this would make donating useless, but it doesn't, because if you have donator you'd get an additional armor allocating to the package you bought. This would also make Riot control a more popular Regi. if that makes the donators cry and whine then I suggest this: The Riot Control shield is a literal sign in the face to turtle, thats no fun. What you could do is make it so that when holding the riot control shield you dont take damage from the front, as a riot shield would, now this might make it OP. incorrect because the calico is a thing god dammit Well what you'd do is slow down the movement speed when it's held out, so it'd be balanced as tali would just simply run around the RC. But wouldn't making it be bullet proof while moving make putting it down pointless? are you that illiterate you idiot of course not Not at all! It's still a very good cover for others, if formations are done properly, that is. You could also make the RC learn new formations which I've provided top quality studio grade examples which took years to perfect(look at attachments) Attachment 1/Formation 1: RC Shields will be curved to provide mobile escort protection/be a mobile barrier/defense. This can be at another curve but two in front straight while two on the side facing a 45 degree angle Attachment 2/Formation 2: RC Shields will be in a straight line while moving forward to either be protecting gates or crouch down against tali while US behind them shoot, this can make RC VERY Helpful. Thanks for reading and seriously put this in b0ss
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