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Found 2 results

  1. Introduction: Force role-play is when you literally get forced into a role-play situation, Example: You are eleventeen, Leader of Faithfuls. You are now being interrogated by a MP. The Military Police initiates FORCE RP by questioning "We scanned your face and found you on the Taliban List.". (That is force RP) Another example of Force RP is "Patting you down and found an item which forces you to stay in jail, i.e A bomb, phone, etc." This clearly is unfair on the Taliban members who are wrongly accused and clearly held in for a long period of time. This clearly needs to stop. Force Roleplay is a clear loophole in the rules, by being able to grab any item or fake your way to find identity's, i.e. Facial recognition units to gather people's roleplay name, regiments and RP Ranks. and phones with incrimination data to associate civilians with the Taliban. Force Roleplay is a clear loophole in the rules. Meta game/fail rp is clearly being walked around when force rp is present. How this can benefit both sides in a broken role play manor Force role play can benefit both sides, by being able to walk around Fail RP, you can know who the person is and what they do. This is useful especially in the jails. By knowing who they are and who they work for, they can determine how much of a threat they are by not even doing some serious role-play work. Why this rule should be added This rule should be added to encourage more complex role play in the jails, by working out who they are through complex role-play, it would be fun to either find out who they are and what they do or being in the role play environment. Adding the rule would also patch the loophole where Force RP can walk through Fail RP/Meta game during certain situations. TLDR: Force rp is a loophole where they force you into roleplay situations by using metagame, etc. This 100% wont be looked at but should 100% be acknowledged by the community, I don't care if this gets denied or hate. I just want the community to know the issues that make this server "Crap"
  2. Razi ♛

    Must Read

    Please go to my profile to get it famous as, so I can presuide my career for being a forum fucking legend thanks, Kind Regards, Your Local SoundCloud Rapper, Fucking does skids on driveways, Lil Razi.
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