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Found 1 result

  1. Asatru

    Navy SEALs

    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, It Pays To Be A Winner. In CG the Navy SEALs is a special operations regiment which focuses on training and combat. This means that the Navy SEALs can conduct; Special operations, High-value target raids, Direct action, Counter-terrorism, Special reconnaissance, Unconventional warfare, Hostage rescue/takedowns, and Counter narcotic operations. Most commonly Navy SEALs will be seen either in the training room or ensuring that their uniform is as wet as possible in the marshes, creeks and rivers outside the US base. Our loadout consists of ; boonie hats at CMDR+, AR15, M1911, and a Smoke Grenade. The current High command of Navy SEALs are: Asatru - Major Roasty - Captain Cav "deadeye" - LT, trial CMDR. As the leaders of Navy SEALs, we make sure we are well organised so that our men do not go without appropriate training and rewards. To ensure our organisation we keep a strict regiment document that details how our men are performing, when they joined and when they received promotions. Promotions are one of the most exciting aspects for our soldiers. It reflects their hard work which we in the High command hold with great value. Thus promotions follow a minimum guideline; if a soldier has performed to our standards they will receive their new rank after a set minimum amount of days. This goes as follows: PVT to PFC 2 days. PFC to CPL 2 days. CPL to SGT 3 days. SGT to SSGT is after 5 acceptable trainings observed by WO+ in SEALs or by the CO's. SSGT to MSGT 5 days + training must be at a high standard. MSGT to WO 7 days. WO to CWO 9 days. CWO to LT 14 days. If a SEAL performs well they can earn LT in just over a month. The Navy SEALs currently has four squads that PVT-CWO can join. These four squads are: DEVGRU - Training and development. SCS - Direct action, front liners, aim to top frag. SFR - Reconnasaince, sniper squad. ST7 - Vehicle deployment, Intel extraction. Do you think you have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL? here is a bit of information you should know: It is a requirement that Navy SEALs from Private all the way to general follow through with these expectancies: Be proficient in both combat, training and development. Report for active duty at least every second day. Remain respectful to soldiers of the US army; especially security operations and staff. Have a good arm. SEALs are expected to be accurate with their smokes using them tactfully. Any soldier caught throwing a smoke in the US base will be demoted. Join one of four squads to become an NCO/ CPL+. Follow the rules, repeat offences including RP offences such as breaking PTS, PTL, and PTE will result in demotions and or kicks. Lastly, SEALs are expected to bond well with each other. This means that we expect good activity in both Discord (our primary source of both memes and communication) and Team Speak. Thank you, Forza for this glorious picture -.-. I didn't even ask for it but since you put so much effort into it...
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