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Found 3 results

  1. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:143704814 In-game alias/rank: WR Ahmed Who banned you?: Ghob Ghane Ban Reason: MRDM | Multiple offences Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): initial 4 weeks / remaining 2 weeks Why should we unban you?: I am deeply regretful of my actions and miss playing this server so much, my intentions werent bad, i was stuck at the start of an event and didnt know what to do. I am truly, deeply sorry. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  2. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:143704814 In-game alias/rank: Al q WR Ahmed Who banned you?: Ghob Ghane (which wasnt the admin that came and talked to me but ok buddy) Ban Reason: MRDM | Multiple offences Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 4 weeks Why should we unban you?:I was stuck in about 10 cunts in spawn in an event and killed them so i could get free. probs shouldve just called admin or some shit but yeah. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  3. today i was banned because i had a problem were i was locked in a jail cell for following miller into the jail, a little backstory first though. I was originally an riot control officer looking to move up inn the ranks but i was continuously trolled whilst trying to do my job and i rage quit and asked to be demoted now later on i did manage to calm down and asked how i would be able to rejoin the spec ops now bye this point i had broken parts of my key board and struggled jumping and other various parts of garrys mod, i continued to try to to ask to miller who was the one who trained me to be RC but i had to retrain and i was ok with that but i flunked training and was worried as my keyboard might be apart of The problem so i tried to talk to miller and i was locked in a jail cell bye chicken (negotiator) and tried to explain what had happened and he refused to speak to me so i thought i would get an admin to clear this all up and the admin called banana king into the sit now all that banaking had to say was i was in jail and i kinda shot him in the head (whoops but i was angry so i do apologize ) now i am banned for 12hrs after continuously putting in hours to try and rank up i believe this was an unfair ban and would like to appeal it as now i cant even AFK on the server for XP. Makorov-2 other then this one incident i do truly enjoy playing on this server and to the rest of the staff team excluding those involved in the incident you guys run a great server.
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