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  1. idk it seems like you mentioned the same things multiple times but with different words
  2. +1 Been staff before, which could possibly prove the fact that he is fit for the position (again). Very good at keeping roleplay, overall a great guy : )
  3. +1 Man is fun to talk to. People change and i think he deserves another chance : D
  4. +1 Known this man ever since I joined CG and he's always been chill and extremely nice, I feel he is fit for the staff team, and would work well in there : D
  5. You suck these fucking nut sacks my guy
  6. Suggestion Template --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestion Name: Cosmic Skin from Black ops 3 added as a donator skin on Prometheus Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): There aren't many options for current animated donator skins, and the ones we have are lacking, so I would like to see this skin on the website, as it is a pretty good fucking skin not gonna lie (I don't have any gifs or videos, so for reference you might have to search it up.) custom gun skins would be cool aswell but i dont really care about those. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Aracard


    How is everyones day I'm only going this to test something
  8. +1 Activity is a must, but you have been getting more active recently and its good to see, you'd be a good fit for the staff team
  9. +1 Already a great staff member on cg and wouldn't let anyone down on the forums wouldnt abuse and good man
  10. + 1 Fucking love this cunt, he has helped me multiple times in different areas, i have also seen him helping other players on the server. Although, can be a minge, but he isn't very often. I reckon he'd make a great addition to the staff team
  11. +1 Known this man even before MiliRP (also the one who introduced me) I do believe pancreas is able to moderate the server well as he handles situations. Mature man, absolute legend. Good luck
  12. -1 You seemed like a good fit for a staff position, until you did break a few rules.
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