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  1. Which mall are we talking about. The CG Mall or the original mall
  2. +1 Was a good moderator last time he was on the team. Still seems like he is fit for staff duties. Still active around the community. Answer's to the questions seem to be fair.
  3. Jake


    Good job deku. Going to help officers and chiefs do promotions.
  4. o7 known you for a long time have had our ups and downs. Have a good one in your new journey.
  5. -1 Doesn't seem like you put much effort into the application. A lot of the questions you answered are very basic and not very much detail put into it at all. Most of it is just a run on sentence.
  6. You responded with a box on my reply
  7. -1 You've only just now started playing. I haven't really seen you on discord much at all. Your questions aren't even a paragraph long. A paragraph consist of 3+ complete sentence's. Your sentence's right now are just run on it seems like. You also have a few grammar mistakes like forgetting to capitalize the first letter of a sentence. It would also be nice if you could add some more detail into these questions. Your currently ranked #481 in the discord and only have a level of 1. With the score of 54 meaning you have barely typed anything or communicated in the discord. I feel a lot of your questions lack grammar. I wouldn't say your a 6/10 on the server. A lot of the people I have spoken with don't even know who you are. I feel if you could correct all of these then I would be happy to reconsider. Good Luck!
  8. Gonna miss my black General Gizmo Have a good one. Don’t be sitting on the bench though in lacrosse.
  9. -1 I don’t see you really in any public channels ever at all. I don’t think your fit or ready to be a discord admin at this time. There are already 8 discord admins and they seem to handle it perfectly fine. I don’t feel it’s necessary to have another discord admin.
  10. -1 this is pretty stupid and doesn’t really benefit anything. And only taliban would really be able to use it
  11. +1 Would be a great addition to the EM Team. Helped me start out when I was first going up the ranks in delta. Very mature. The 1 part unique and the 1 part standard seems like it could be a great idea. Responses seem very detailed. The Event Crafting looks like a very interesting event that looks like it would be fun.
  12. +1 Responses to questions seem very detailed. Event Crafting looks like a very good idea for an event. Could be a great addition to the event team
  13. Neutral During the question “What inspires you to want to be an em” you said that you don’t like the bored old KOTH & 3PT. But then during your event crafting you put a KOTH. Now you never put what game mode the second part will be. Some of your responses seem a bit bland.
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