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  1. The biggest -1 possible. Eleventeen has never made a good impression to me in my 5 months of service to this server and not once has I seen him do a good job or be nice to anyone but his close friends everyone else he treats like shit, he honestly fucks around and Minges time to time. This man would most likely abuse his powers as a EM and might even just make the EM team worse. Take this opioion with a grain of salt. Couldn't care less :)
  2. Massive +1 I'm sick of having unused guns in my F4 Menu.
  3. +1 Fucking mad lad this cunt is, I highly respect this man, Very good officer, Knowns rules, Deserves a chance at Event Master. Plz EM team give it to him.
  4. This man is a fucking genius
  5. -1 Lindy mate I've known u for quite a bit of time and for all that time I've never once seen u be mature, You abused your powers as a Event Master by flinging people around the map and just doing dumb stuff in general, But mate the reason why I'm -1 your application is the fact that your an complete minge you got beaten by Etho because you "REEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in front of him and you've minged in DB multiple times, so I just think u 110% should not any staff positions until u fix yourself.
  6. I've never minged in my entire colossal gaming carrer.... If ur complaining about my speaking closely to my mic that was a mistake my friend due me tryna adjust my mic to my mouth and it got a little close... Thank u.
  7. No I don't "Constantly" break fearRP. ALSO MORE ACTIVE? I'm literally on like 7 hours almost everyday...
  8. +1 Nervez is a great guy, very mature, active, awesome role model
  9. +1 Matrix is a amazing leader/ role model, He almost never minges, he may have a few warns but that never stops anyone from changing there ways. BUT his activity could improve a bit. But out of all that.... JUST GIVE HIM THE RANK
  10. Fat -1 Here is my list of things why he shouldn't be EM - He's a Minge - He doesn't listen to higher ups - He disrespects Me and others - He's failRP'ed on multiple times He's doesn't deserve EM in general.
  11. Suggestion Name: Move the Taliban Intel Suggestion Type: Map/Intel Reason: Now before I start I wanna say I know this is a temp map but It doesn't mean we should just place the intel anywhere. Remember this is just a "SUGGESTION" So take it with a grain of salt. I don't like where the Taliban intel is placed it's place next to like 3 spawns and keep in mind like all of taliban have Ultimate so they can just spawn instantly I think we should move the intel closer to the main entrances like US does It take like 30 seconds for tali to raid US. Were it takes a World war 3 for US to cap Tali intel we should combine spawns in big buildings and replace the spawns closest to the intel with Taliban Divicomm offices to make it fair on US.
  12. I rekon you should just suck it up and deal with the 1 day ban, It could be much much worse.
  13. A FAT -1 Your Immature, Quote "lol I don't really care I have enough experience in moderating" Like wtf dude? If you want Mod this isn't how you act. I've seen you in base and your sometimes a minge and this rest is what everyone else has said. I don't need to repeat it again...
  14. +1 For what I've seen he's a alright guy. He's trust worthy, Mature and a cool guy to be around.