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  1. Usually the deal with hacking bans are that they aren't accepted because they want to keep a standard. It's only if you didn't Hack but you admitted to it even tho they had proof.
  2. Or some people who want to make it to prestige 20 and haven't gotten there yet.
  3. Thanks for pointing it out. Will get onto it and fix it.
  4. A level reset would be a pain in the ass for the people who have been trying to work their way to some guns that they haven't got yet and would never get
  5. I can show parts of it but can't show much due to it requiring the gamemode which I obviously don't have. During testing I just added checks for a placeholder variable for logic and shit but proving shit like allies and faction stuff I can't show without it being on dev server.
  6. I still hate you o7
  7. I never knew that you created the awards as views posted it in the Aus discord so yeah
  8. The Australian Army Sua Tela Tonati To the Warrior his arms The Australian Army, known most commonly as AUS or ADF, is the Army of Australia. The Australian Army has brought in two of it’s regiments, The Australian Defence Force and the 2nd Commandos Special Forces. The Australian Defence force also know as the ADF is AUS’s primary combat force with a wide variety of training. Their equipment reflects this with the well-known AUS grenade, the M60 as well as the AUG. 2nd Commando Special Forces is a direct response team to the opposing main faction regiments such as Delta Force or ISIS. They are equipped with assault rifles, speed acceleration SWEP (sprint SWEP). Officers & High Command The current Officers of the Australian Army are: Hurrican'Viper' – General, Chief Of Defence Russ – Captain, 2nd Commandos AUS Army Medals And Ribbons System The AUS Army Medals And Ribbons system is a system created by former AUS Marshal Views where AUS soldiers can do a wide range of things in return for recognition with a medal or ribbon. Medals: [S.O.D]: Star of Gallantry This medal awarded to an AUS member who as shown great skill in battle. To get this medal said member must be in the top 5 for events atleast 12 times, getting this award will also allow you to be promoted 1 day before each promo up until WO. [D.S.C]: Distinguished Service Cross This is awarded to AUS members who show great leadership skills, this could be doing trainings, leading raids, assisting lower ranks etc. [V.C]: Victorian Cross This one of the highest awarding medals an AUS member can achieve, to get this medal said member must show great leadership skills along with great skill and knowledge of any battle. [S.G.C.B]: Sherwood Green Commando Beret This is the highest awarding in AUS at the moment, to achieve this medal you must achieve 50 top 5 positions in events. May ask why so high? This medal is given out to AUS who show great skill in battle and can easily maintain a high score in events. Ribbons: [A.D.M]: Australian Defence Medal The Australian Defence Medal recognises Australian Defence Force personnel who have efficiently completed either an initial enlistment period, or have been within the faction for a month. [D.L.S.M]: Defence Long Service Medal The Defence Long Service Medal may be awarded to a member who has been in the faction for longer then 2 months. [A.S.M]: Australian Service Medal The Australian Service Medal may be awarded for service in, or in connection with a prescribed non-warlike operation. [C.S.C]: Conspicuous Service Cross The Conspicuous Service Cross is to recognise outstanding devotion to duty, or outstanding achievement in the application of exceptional skills, judgement or dedication, in non-warlike situations. This Ribbon can be upgraded into a Victorian Cross (V.C) after achieving it 3 times. Chief Of Defence The Chief of Defence Force is the professional head of the Australian Army. They consist the highest regarded members of the Australian Army. Chief of Defence Guns JS-2 9mm (LTGEN-MAR) MTAR (LTGEN-MAR) Equipment Medkit (LTGEN-MAR) Elastic Restraints (LTGEN-MAR) Australian Defence Force The Australian Defence Force is the military organisation responsible for the defence of Australia. Within this regiment, two classes can be found; Infantry and Medics. Infantry Guns Aug A3 (PVT-2LT) SMR (MSGT-2LT) Equipment Sprint Swep (PVT-2LT) Medics Guns Aug A3 (PVT-2LT) Equipment Medkit (PVT-2LT) Defibrillator (SGT-2LT) 2nd Commandos The 2nd Commandos is a special forces unit of the Australian Army. Within this regiment, two classes can be found; Infantry and Medics. Infantry Guns Aug A3 (PVT-2LT) MTAR (MSGT-2LT) Equipment Sprint Swep (PVT-2LT) Medics Guns Aug A3 (PVT-2LT) Equipment Medkit (PVT-2LT) Defibrillator (SGT-2LT) Credit To Bob Jane For Information
  9. Yeah so don't know why Miller is asking it's already released?
  10. Russ

    Regiment Artwork

    Re Create some of these photos but with the aus models
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