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  1. that limits helicopters and vehicles
  2. I'll also mention because of the limitations with how big gmod maps can be it can't work as well as it does in Warband, if you want to know the limits damascus is nearly the entire hammer grid. (pretty sure the other home maps are the same) so the invasion things can't work the same way. As someone else mentioned you should apply for EM and work on these ideas within the team to execute them.
  3. This would have to be tali vs us with sub fac allies since, 1 we can't set spawns for anyone other than US & Taliban, 2 we can't coz of the numbers issues with sub faction they will be heavily outnumbered no matter what.
  4. This is tomorrow come sign up!
  5. People asked me, Muhammad is organizing it I'm just the behind the scenes guy
  6. Attention all members of Colossal Gaming. On Saturday the 16th of October after the 5:15pm Event. We will be holding the second CG's Got Talent! A show where you can show off your hidden skills to wow our Judges for a Grand Prize consisting of Credits and Levels! Apply here and excited to see all of your talent on the big night! https://forms.gle/YDHrDqsbmZxpUSkD9 If you have any questions forward them to the show director Muhammad (Suit#4640) or myself (Kaptian Core#0001).
  7. This is absolute cap and you know it, we had a long conflict of internal harassment from you and other staff members. You are not fit for staff in my opinion you pissed off a lot of the current staff and I don't believe you are fit. -1 I don't believe you'd be a good member of the team.
  8. Russ

    I need help!

    Neutral, not bad good size.
  9. +1 man is a lad, I believe he is a good role model to new players and follows the rules, as long as you don't hop on whilst drunk that should be fine.
  10. You did it on city ruins and killed quite a few people then you decided it was a good idea to do it again on islandrain?? I don't see why you thought it was smart to put slams in spawn anyways
  11. You ran over 3 people in tali briefing for a mini event which you never got punished for, you also did the same shit with slams on the first part. Maybe don't place slams in your spawn ?
  12. +1 s&box slave and gamer
  13. +1 is American so he can moderate in the unusual hours, is mature I believe he is fit for discord admin
  14. Russ

    Mod App

    +1 you are an active player on the server and you have shown maturity both whilst in UN and now whilst having you in AUS. This man deserves at least a trial/chance in staff.
  15. This video I was never provided during the sit? as mentioned you provided no evidence on your behalf nor is there anything in logs to prove they were in base? if rico's video proves your reason is right I am more than fine to get you unbanned. as mentioned you provided nothing in the sit so I can't just go off word.
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