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  1. -1: 1. Your Breakdown Of The Event Misses Many Important Steps In Order For An Event To Succeed 2. You Don't Seem To Recognize That You Fucked Up Last Time And Will Change This Time. 3. I Don't Believe Your Previous EM Experience Is Anything To Be Proud Of Since You Didn't Listen To Others And Ran The Same Maps And Refused To Use Look At Other Maps.
  2. I Recently got inspiration to do some UI mockups for if CG was on s&box. I started UI mockups utilizing Figma I have completed and pretty happy with the main HUD design (new and also slightly old but nice and rounded corners) I am planning to design the rep menu (which I have re created in figma with a slight design change but not done yet ) and doing the main menu and tab scoreboard. I would love to help bring CG to s&box either if I get devpreview from Facepunch or after the game releases to the public, rebuilding the MillitaryRP gamemode on C#. I'll update this post with more images as I finish the mockups. Fyi the map in the circle is like a placeholder it would be a mini map. EDIT ADDED REP MENU IMAGES
  3. o7 you were an amazing 2nd Commandos officer to have in my crew gonna miss you.
  4. +1 this is gaming rn but you kinda epic and were good help during events when u were mod
  5. not enough areas to put guns without it being right in the open
  6. Did you read the post? I said I already fixed the issues and added more features and redrock wouldn't work it's way to open it would need a dupe for cover in the massive open middle area
  7. Suggestion Name: 'Fortnut' Scripted Battle Royale Event System Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): N/A Addon Pack (Optional): https://github.com/EclipseCantCode/Fortnut (Final Play Testing This Afternoon Then Eclipse Will Be Able To Merge The Changes With The Main Repo) Addon Pack File Size: No Addons Just LUA Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Eclipse made this scripted system to be loaded manually by him which means if the event is to be ran he has to be on to load the script, anyways he worked on this system a while ago and since I am lockdown I decided to work on it more and I have fixed all the issues with the system as well as adding some more features. We have a fully scripted system that has the following features: Automated Weapon Spawns Around The Map Random Spawn Points For Players Parcahutes For Players When Jumping From Spawn Point Working Gas Zone System (if you are outside the play area it will take 10 damage away from you every few seconds unless u get back into the zone) Zone System that shows in person and on the map Airdrop System (airdrop with parachute drops out of the sky and descends and gives a random weapon apon interaction.) Automatic Round Ending (whenever 1 person is left it will announce the winner, kill the winner (send back to spawn), remove event timer and then clean up all weapon spawns automatically) Event Timer Intergration (event timer is created apon deployment) If this was to be added to the server I would be happy to add onto this system and make a map config system where it means this gamemode can be used on multiple maps rather than just highlands (the maps I had in mind are predator and grey_hammer). This system can be run either with balanced reps where each side can work together and win (this would mean the event runner would have to manually call the win (since there has to be 1 person left) or can be run solos and just tell all the players that they must kill each other and its a free for all) Screenshots (Optional): Here are some screenshots (ignore the hud thats just random addons I have) of my showcase this morning briefly.
  8. +1 gizmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please come back thank you this was my speech
  9. +1 give the man a fresh chance not oh no he was bad in the past. Trials are there for a reason he fucks up then he's gone.
  10. Here Is The Somewhat Edited Recording Of The Performances
  11. Thanks To Everyone Who Participated, Hopefully We Will Run It Again In The Future
  12. still performing? what will you be performing???
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