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  1. Well 2020’s over, Lot’s happened this year and I want to hear your guys opinions and stories. I’m seen a lot, from a 20 year old war ending, a new virus and a new way of life. We’ve seen the best of humanity, but also the worst. Lot’s of people suffered, but we pulled through and showed humans are not always what we’ve known each other for, It only took a virus to reunite us, to end wars, to end the worst. Politics, fuck em. I’m more happy to have mates as we enter a new year. But, I’m also scared. What for? Unknown, the guess? I think I’ll never be able to see the goodness of humanity like this again. Never again. Well for people that don’t know I’m a painter and a public speaker, I was paids lot by the government, I travelled far and saw hope. I also sat in a few UN meetings in real life. Though, I’m also been stabbed from the chaotic apart of this year, riots and protests. Well, we’re here now most of us, and I got one question. What’s your new year resolution/wish?
  2. You've always been able to double cap, but it's banned during raids unless wartime. There's nothing new about that rule.
  3. I heard 2021's coming out soon I would recommend looking into it.
  4. The weapons are a bit iffy as other regiments have them. Also changing a sub faction to another nation with the same gear won’t really change anything except its looks.
  5. +1 I promised myself I would never respond to staff apps again, But some promises are made to be broken aren't they? Jake is someone that has shown he can be a good officer, he's stomped out the stupidity in delta and revived it. He enforced rules and is to this day making his regiment good. So, why can't he do it again? But, with staff. He has proven he is fit, and that is what I believe. Regards, Catz
  6. this isn't a bias or +1/-1 Duck recently got perm banned, He has a long history with this type of stuff.
  7. yeah you yelled at me once/twice, you were stressed at the time. I don't take it personally. Have a good one man. Sorry if some people ruined it for you, Just remember some people will always care.
  8. soviet car = bad. german = forever
  9. +1 Somethings I won't say here, but all I can say is unban is quite what I recommend, though gab it was the second time you did it that day so it did look bad on you to some staff. would atleast want a decrease Regards, Catz P.S The AU weren't banned due to the fact 9/10 "civilians" had guns out and AU were enemied with all
  10. cool guy before ban, even cooler now. Impacted a lot of us for good, But still bit naughty to cheat man. >:c Anyway good luck.
  11. My time to shine. Sub Factions don't get grenades till WO/MSGT or Officer. US at the earliest rank can get one at CPL, same with Tali's ZLT. You have to grind more, taking away our precision equipment which defines as factions or regiments, you guys don't deserve isn't balance. 75th has slams, GL (and the RPG's shit so too shh) Sec Ops, riot shields and is mostly RP based. (only MP don't have stuff) UN keeps their frags and armor kit it matches well./Shield PLA has a loadout of arty strike at 2nd LT and rpg if Beijing. (Like tali has jihad at NTS/2nd LT) Electric grenades got removed for a reason, cancer. Yes there are more types of grenades that exist on the server files, true true. But, they are incompleted, not made right. TL:DR, you don't need more grenades. Unlike Taliban in most regiments you get them pretty quick. Most taliban get them around SFC-WO like sub factions. US gets them at CPL/SGT depending on subclass. So if we want balance we could set you getting grenades at WO
  12. still waiting for you home address to ship crayons.
  13. Ezygle stop nettle the others!
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