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  1. Suggestion Name: Add more knives to the server as a sidearm Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Weapon Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506283460&searchtext=csgo+knive Addon Pack File Size: 388.868 MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I would like to have this added because there is a big gap between the prestige and non prestige guns which can be filled for the sidearms and seeing 1v1 knife fights are pretty entertaining to watch. It could also be helpful to those people who want to get the knife but not grind to prestige 20 and could make some "interesting" events. Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Big +1 Valk is very trustworthy guy and overall an absolute legend and when he takes matter into his hands, he does it the best way possible without breaking the rules.
  3. Goodbye Gizmo I will miss you hunk of a man
  4. +1 You deserve it man go earn your spot on the team
  5. Hello good sir gib this man officer already or he wont jack off
  6. Huge +1 This might change how US act now because you barely see any US going out of base but rather sitting in those towers and just doing absolutely nothing. It could change up or add more PVP and I don't have to hear those "We can't leave base our we get sniped."
  7. +1 Might make events much more balanced now and increase having good events.
  8. Goodbye for now Midday. You will always be remembered as a chad of the Beijing SF.
  9. Sorry to see you go, you we're a good lad and will always be a good lad.
  10. I might be late but all I want to say is you are a great friend to a lot of people. Good luck on your future endeavors good sir.
  11. +1 Its good to experiment with guns but when you don't want to use them anymore, it just sits there in your inventory with no reward. But selling the guns can make you have easy money but also clear some space up.
  12. +1 Replacing RU might actually might be a bad idea but since RU is dead, I wouldn't mind to change it but just make the weapons made from H and K so it feels a little more German.
  13. +1 Having them Auto-Equipped rather take up a inventory spot will make them much more viable in combat. +1 also for explosive buffs.
  14. +1 I want more cosmetic skins but not being EA Currently: PLA Ground Force SGM Former: 2LT SAS of US Army
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