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  1. despite the continued doubt by the main factions sfu (gang) won a hard-fought victory today in a spectacular raid against the united states sfu (gang) never dies together we stand united we fall long live the sfu!
  2. damn sad to see you go - wish things could've gone down differently but i guess as a wise man once said, it is what it is i just hope you're getting the love and support from your irl peeps and know we are always here if you ever want to talk because i nor anybody else here wants to see you fall only this witch is allowed here is some suggested reading/viewing while you are gone PepeLa 'D' always remember to only say the n word in private https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgiC8YfytDw may socialism forever be when the government does stuff sir o7 o7 -linus
  3. Linus

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    PepeLa '1989'
  4. bro what the fuck am i reading you had me engaged with the title and i thought an actual good suggestion was coming then i read this shit and now you've completely turned me against it
  5. i am not a minge delete this now or my lawyers will be in contact o7 sir have a good one
  6. +1 has been a great asset to AUS and would be a great asset to the staff team
  7. damn gonna miss you man have a good one
  8. @Kaptian Core now what does this remind you of..? PepeLa 'ggs media team'
  9. im gonna be honest we need more EMs people not people that bitch out and go for mod or whatever and honestly it's at the point where if someone is willing to take the bait that is the shitty job of being an event master - they've earned my +1
  10. +1 where do i begin... he's an absolute legend and would be an asset to the team someone who is smart and knows how to conduct himself without any personal biases or his own personal stupidity
  11. Conclusion of week 2The second week of Operation Freedoms Sentinel comes to a close. Sergeant Noah has achieved an indisputable victory in this week due to a successful search for an alternative to Tokyo that he found to be "pretty good" - the beautiful Lake Hume.
  12. -1 Going to have to agree with Valk on this one My previous experiences with you have been far from pleasant and I get the feeling that you would not be suited to the role of event master due to what seems like a short temper/you becoming frustrated easily, in what is quite a demanding and sometimes stressful role. Best of luck in your application nonetheless - there's always room for improvement.
  13. i feel like the distance is shorter to get to US intel though which acts as a bit of a balance and tali clearly has the upper hand lmao you had <2/3s the numbers as US after 5:15 today yet SFU managed to clean out a US raid easily but couldn't do the same to tali?
  14. The People's Liberation Army in partnership with the rest of SFU (Sub Factions United) has seen fit to disprove and embarrass the cynics of the main factions who falsely claimed that our mission was merely a one-night stand and could not be repeated. A heavily outnumbered SFU took on a 21-strong US faction and seized swift victory, making quick work of transporting their intelligence back to the Australian Base for transmission in a recent raid. We now turn our attention to the Taliban, a smaller but more skilled and close-knit fighting force who shall be a formidable opponent but will be overwhelmed by the combined strength of the proud nations that make up the SFU. sfu (gang) never dies together we stand united we fall long live the sfu!
  15. -1 have to agree with midday and hubert you've got enough on your plate - seems like a bit of a power grab and honestly the team doesn't need more people at the moment also from my previous experiences on another server that shall remain nameless, i don't think you are fit for the position
  16. +1 please make it good again and change the 1 in m8a1 to a 7 and give it to beijing sf
  17. my golf has a tree through the front of it rn
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