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  1. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:444036606 In-game alias/rank: PVT Cooper Who banned you?: John Ban Reason: RDM/disconnecting during sit Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 3 Weeks What happened?: I was driving out of US base and was going full speed. I exit the gates and I see Bakka and another tali standing outside of the gate. I was going too fast to stop and ran over both of them. After about 5 mins, I die and respawn seeing that I was Kicked out of Delta Force as of what happened. I go to Checkpoint and go AFK in the tent whilst the other tali (Cant remember his name) comes up to me and kills me. I go back to CP and kill him (Which now that I think about it wasnt following the rules in the first place). I didn't know why he hilled me in the first place at the time until I got called into a sit and was then told about who the 2 who I ran over were. I then had to go AFK for about 5 mins to then come back to my internet dropping out. After about 2 mins, it comes back online and I try to reconnect. It shows that I am banned for RDM and leaving during a sit. Why should we unban you?: It was purely an accident and I wished that I would've been more careful in the first place to then stop people wasting their time trying to follow up an accident. I do know what I did and will try and not to do it again. Evidence in your favor (Optional): None at this time
  2. like, wtf is happening with it. is it gonna be removed? is it gonna be changed? like,wtf is going on with it
  3. -1 You should've reported it using !ticket and not retaliated to them. Learn your lesson, stop doing the wrong thing and actually let others have fun in the server.
  4. aww. thanks! Dont say shit if u know it might offend ppl
  5. Hey all, Throughout the week, you might see me online. I have recently been accepted to do my ADF Training at RAAF Base Edinburgh and have been training there for around 4 months. I am currently allowed to use my computer for personal and gaming reasons so I am able to play on CG until I am sent back home. I will be online until the 1st of October when I am sent back to Adelaide for the October Long Weekend. If you have any questions, please dont be afraid to ask.
  6. We don't get rifles as we are not trained or In the correct area to do it and air force cadets are not that bad. We were all around 14 - 16 when this was shot.
  7. but that only lasts for about 5 seconds. it dosent really matter tbh
  8. Suggestion Name: Debrief March on/march off of officers Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Regiment/faction Addon Pack (Optional): Military salute SWEP (For march pasts and flight commanders https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804926197 Addon Pack File Size: 0.316MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I Think that a march on/march off of the officers is a good thing to do before a mission as it is more formal and cooler to do than to wait for 10 minutes doing nothing. There should also be a fun parade after every month or so to award players certificates, promotions and awards from their commanding officers and also introduce Drill into the server as a fun little thing to do once in a while Screenshots (Optional): Some photos and videos of what it might look like. (Note, this is my air force cadets parade from 2019) 123133400_380888926422738_8330133533136000102_n.mp4 123058278_738399393556527_6530725769759715671_n.mp4
  9. yeah. same as that. -1 forever. also, you left me in a cell for 20 minutes so that just proves that you cant even remember to let somebody out of a cell.
  10. Suggestion Name: Let AUS Have a Huey! Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Vehicle Addon Pack (Optional): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1239615744 Addon Pack File Size: 0.506 MB Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): I would like this added as AUS NEED A HUEY! The AUS Army irl actually uses Helicopters and the CG AUS Faction dosent so thats kinda a bummer. Screenshots (Optional): shee mate
  11. -1 Dont see you online at all, Your application is all over the place, I never EVER See you on the discord server and your scenarios are just weak.
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