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  1. +1 RU a dead faction Germany I think will be way more appealing to the CG community.
  2. Hawko

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    SMH Midday rep farming
  3. +/- seems like you just wanna power grab you have an discord admin role, admin, RPO I think you should focus on that. Your a great dude and if you didn’t have as many rolled you would be fit for the role.
  4. -1 Very lack lustre in detail I think you should put more than 1 sentence in the scenarios
  5. Cya man sorry some dickheads ruined it for you
  6. +1 Ex EM heard you were stupid but they let me into EM they can let you in to
  7. Everyone is doing this so I’m gonna jump on the band wagon. @Pingas - Ex Head EM, Mad cunt accepted me into EM he also is a chad @Deku - Ex Head EM, also a chad had fun times @Merlyn - Ex Head EM, chad keep up the good work with the EM’S @Valk - EM took a massive LOA @midday - Chad more Maccas Events @Uni - Chill dude had fun times @Views - He’s apart of the circus @Zynix - Taught me a happy ending. Chill dude @Snake - Chill dude @Hubert - Chill dude @Taylor - Had first moments on CG with you @Bobby - Seems like a chill dude @Bob Jane - Nice dude @Silent - Ex EM chill person @Yapopey - Favourite US officer @Eclipse - Taught me the basics of LUA @Asatru - Epic Cunt, taught me everything I know about mapping and stuff like that @Mundy - You taught me about skins and maps @Feralswan - Chill dude, goes above and beyond to help people out @Bunnings Warehouse - Nice And chill @Stormzilla - nice person and funny (Don’t kill yourself) I probably forgot some people
  8. -1 Very immature, Has had countless warnings and bans. [Redacted] (It was Duck that was muted)
  9. o7 Great head EM, had some great times.
  10. Yes I'm on LOA. I'm regularly on discord I think I can manage these roles.
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