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  1. Bro you put a discord ban appeal? Also your grammer is shocking. Maybe proof read next time.
  2. +1 give this man a chance. Give him a role in which he can't embed files to monitor his behaviour.
  3. +1 Look sick this is a concept from the board game risk. If well exucted this event will be fun to play
  4. Hawko

    unban pls

    Fair point I think you should have a long chat with your staff. I remember when if we did dumb shit like that we would get demoted.
  5. Hawko

    unban pls

    Ban Appeal Template: SteamID:76561199006216740 In-game alias/rank: Beg Nuts Who banned you?: Kruuze Ban Reason:RDM Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 4 Week What happened?: So the CG talent show was going on and I was encouraged by staff to kill the host. Why should we unban you: I was a fucking idiot and did it and apologise for my actions. I also think 4 weeks is pretty long. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  6. -1 I think your pretty dumb to appeal this, if you post CP you're a sicko and should stay banned.
  7. Night Jungle Cooler
  8. Doggo, Deku was a better event master than you'll ever be so please stfu. +1 Good application ex head em also.
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