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  1. -1 Physopath in the head should never be let back in the server
  2. Do you even play/interact to people on discord or the server?
  3. -1 You act mingy and often be immature. Your first acceptance into the EM team, you couldn't take any feed back showing your lack off care during your role of EM.
  4. +1 Good bloke should be unbanned already
  5. -1 A minge in game also is very immature and can't deal with situations very well
  6. L just kidding get well soon
  7. Discord ID (name#2003): Hawko#0069 Discord alias/rank: Respected/Nitro Booster What happened in your perspective?: So I was casually streaming my screen to show motion my attachments for a gun. I then got side tracked and started scrolling through discord. I forgot I was streaming to a public channel and I watched a NSFW Meme, someone clipped it and sent it to the Discord Admins. Why should we unban you?: I believe you should unban me because I'm sorry for my actions and I also have had the role for 6 days now. Next time i'll be more careful while streaming my screen. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  8. +1 great lad and treats everyone with the utter most respect. The event crafting is good for the first part, you can improve on the 2 part using a more unique map and mode. But overall solid application. -Hawko
  9. I have my opinions, I'm not arguing anymore.
  10. -1 You have applied for 2 different staff positions in the last 2 weeks. Making it seem like you're wanting a powergrab also you should get better known before applying for this position. Very toxic also.
  11. +1 Nice dude and has experience from previously being mod on the server.
  12. +1 Great person in the community and is well suited for the role. -Hawko
  13. Hawko


    Please do a operation soon
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