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  1. can it be atleast shortend to 1 week
  2. yo did human get banned if he doesn't get banned this some cg bullshit
  3. SteamID: STEAM_0:1:419318173 In-game alias/rank: Tal EXT K9 Who banned you?: Carlen Ban Reason: Mass RDM Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 2 Weeks What happened?: so I was doing a try-out for freddo for malakand and Ronan and a bunch of other al Qaeda were inside the bunks yelling and constantly harassing me I told them to leave please multiple times and still didn't listen after I finished the try-out I got really angry at human and others due to them not listening to after I told them to please leave so then human killed me and I retaliated and killed him back then others joined and everyone started to kill me so I kept killing them back. Why should we unban you?: Yes I did mass rdm which is against the server rules and if someone is harassing me I am meant to make a ticket on them and I didn't make a ticket and I don't know why but I am sorry for the mass rdm and would like another chance I do not want to be permeant banned cause I know what it feels like. P.S. want to notify me you can add me through discord by Raptor#7241
  4. Steam id : STEAM_0:1:419318173 Who banned you : Godofcats Ban Reason : Mass Rdm Ban Duration : 2 Weeks What Happened : Me Taughter and Tagy were pvping and were okay with it then I get banned immediately for massrdm only killing 3 team mates and get a 2 week. Taughter and Tagy both get a 2 week ban as well. Shadow talks to Godofcats and we all 3 of us get unbanned and was given one more chance. Then I went afk for a shower and then I came back to me being banned from Godofcats for Massrdm. So I was confused why I got banned again while I was afk. Why should we unban you ? : I understand that yes I originally did mass rdm but really I didn't know we had to use a pvp dupe and normally its okay without. I understand that I was being a bit toxic to other players and being a bit aggressive to others and I know I have been spoken to about my behaviour. But if I do get unbanned ill will be speaking to Tagy and Taughter so we wont argue or fight hopefully.
  5. SteamID: In-game alias/rank: US 75th SFC Raptor Who banned you?: Godofcats Ban Reason:Massrdm Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): 2 weeks What happened?:i kill 3 75th members cause they were pvping and then went afk to go play with my puppy irl and then come back 5 mins later realising that im banned. Why should we unban you?:i understand that yes i did rdm them but its not fair how tagy and taughterplauge get to rdm each other and not get into trouble but i do. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  6. Steam Id STEAM_0:1:419318173 In-game alias/rank:i Don't remember my rank cause its been nearly a year. Who banned you?: Asatru Ban Reason:Mass RDM, Server diss - requested 1 year ban Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining):Initial was 1 year remaining is 5 weeks. Why should we unban you?: i should be unbanned because i miss the sever and i regret all the things i did and said mean things and i would like a another chance at the Militarily RP. And would like to have fun with all new players as well as old friends. Evidence in your favour (Optional): i would like to say my Garry's mod is still updating so ill update the pic of my ban.
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