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  1. what if they need to abort because of like hitting skybox or being shotdown?
  2. ah i feel the Grenade launcher is fine, if u increase the dmg and shit then u gonna have to do the same with the RPG. Also it not %100 useless atm it is really effective in disabling cars and shit. Also the main reason for the nerf was so they weren't used as much through peak times, so they dont cause as much lag
  3. -1 - Don't know the rules
  4. why do u even have a auto clicker?
  5. I am pretty sure the PMC Player model pack is already on the server
  6. Suggestion Name: Fix Cuffs Suggestion Type (Rank, Vehicle, Menus, Regiment): Bug Addon Pack (Optional): - Addon Pack File Size: - Reason (Why would you like this added/removed): Fucking BS cant arrest anyone on a hill otherwise they fucking fly to the moon, And it not just on a hill if they get stuck somewhere it will happen or sometimes if they lag Screenshots (Optional):
  7. Dan

    Thanks US

  8. yeah it should be 4 minutes cool down faction wide
  9. I mean if US are sitting inside there spawn whole event they arent gonna win
  10. +1, from my week in Delta he seem to be a pretty good bloke and strongly followed the rules
  11. Just dont go near fob then, there is nothing important insight of fob apart from PLA base
  12. Maybe if they just bring it back for events the kill feed but disable it on home map
  13. 1+: Very active, haven't really seen anything bad from him, however i am not sure that i like this response However i think there should also be a punishment instead of just a warn especially if he is a well known member of the community so he should know the rules and there is no excuses for breaking them
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