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  1. Both helis haves it ups and down but they are fairly balanced atm, if they were any weaker they would be useless and any stronger they would be op. With the ROE u cant really do much with that unless there is a rule like if attack heli is above a civilian fear RP applies untill helicopter is out of sight or something like that. However there is nothing stopping u from going onto a warzone a shooting civs car.
  2. Please answer all questions
  3. Yeah but why would a US army man be running around with a astronaut helmet on?
  4. Yes, how would adding this add seriousRP? I can only see this benefiting Taliban.
  5. [AU] Colossal Gaming | WW3 MilitaryRP |SeriousRP|UPDATED|
  6. +1, They have tried doing this before but not sure what went wrong. Hopfully something like ths can be added back / created again.
  7. Well if u dont know where the sniper is then u are most likely gonna die anyways.
  8. U can legit shoot about 10 - 15 bullets before they can get off there second or third shot, which is more then enough time to kill someone
  9. Yeah but if u are a good player and if they miss either 1 or 2 bullets or even hit u with a body shot you with a sniper you have plenty of time to kill em in that time before they fire off that 3rd shot. Then if they do hit u, that is when u take cover and heal up. Increasing the DMG on the HK416 will not prevent u from getting shot from a sniper.
  10. hk416 is already pretty good cause it has low recoil making it a laser a long distance, increasing the damage will just make it OP. Unless they also increase the recoil, which would just make the gun like every other gun in the game. So i am gonna give this a -1
  11. Dan

    Regiment Artwork

    Why does it look like he is holding a pan xD
  12. If they were to buff the flame thrower they could increase the damage but also increase the burning time so u die slower
  13. In real life the battle may not be fair. Just think about that
  14. +1 Unban this man so he can take over RU once again
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