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  1. Ban Appeal Template: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88930847 In-game alias/rank: jiRo/Ultimate Who banned you?: No clue, maybe Canoon Ban Reason: Associated with hacking/Cheating Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permaban Why should we unban you?: It has almost been a year since the ban and I couldn't do anything about it but appeal, so that's what I did. I do have to admit, I did act childish with my first appeal and I'm genuinely sorry for my behaviour. I could've and should've been more mature towards the staff that handled the situation because they didn't deserve the way I was treating them. I've let the ban sit since then because I deserved it. However, I've returned. I'm here hoping for my 2nd and final chance at redemption. I apologise if this appeal isn't exceptional, I haven't properly written one before. Evidence in your favor (Optional):
  2. SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88930847 In-game alias/rank: jiRo, Ultimate Ban Reason: Associated with hacking Ban Duration (Initial/Remaining): Permaban Why should we unban you?: The ban was falsely applied Evidence in your favor (Optional): I believe there's yet to be video evidence of me aimbotting which would actually determine if I was aimbotting because you'd be able to see it. 'Associated with hacking'? Me being assoicated to hacking would mean that I've recently had a part in something to do with hacking... and January 29th of 2018 isn't very recent. Keep in mind that this was all before I first joined Colossal and had something to do with a different game and a different community. Why would I be accused of aimbotting? In the past MiltaryRP events, i've been claimed to be getting a lot of headshots. I've played CS:GO for 4300+ hours (my profile is public if you wanted to check it out) and over time, i've learnt and needed to practise going for headshots because that's the most viable way of getting a kill. Considering CS:GO is raw aim, it was very easy for me to swap over to Garry's Mod because it also has raw aim. I wouldn't risk over 500 hours and $80+ on the server just to be banned for cheating. Hopefully the staff team can look deep into my ban and consider unbanning me. Thank you.
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